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Don't know what's wrong

Hi, I'm new to this site, I started suffering with lower back pains end of October, first week in November I started having lower abdominal pain which gradually worsened until I had to go to A&E where I was diagnosed with a water infection and given antibiotics, which seemed to clear the pain up almost - then a few days after finishing the weeks course of antibiotics I started getting pain higher up in my stomach on the left hand side - like excruciating gas in my stomach and rumblings, went to doctors was examined and they couldn't give me any answers, although IBS was mentioned as a possibility by them, but they are sending me for a gynaecological scan to check if it's ovarian cysts causing the pain !! Anyway it's been two weeks since they referred me for the scan and hot heard anything so live decided to try and help matters myself, I've cut out wheat, caffeine and had hardly any alcohol but I've also started having a probiotic yogurt drink every morning and probiotic supplements and the pain has been considerably reduced, still got pains in my back and slight twinges in stomach now and again, but I'm definitely improved. Thinking it may have been the antibiotics that killed the good flora in my gut !! But not sure, just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?


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Hi Derby69

I had severe low back pain and some stomach pain which was definitely gas (no diarrhea or constipation). I had an episode in July that lasted a week and then again in October it started again. I too went to gyno - nothing there all normal; then to gastro and had endoscopy and scans, motility test, etc. He diagnosed IBS with mild gastritis. I am trying to follow the fodmap diet and was doing great until last week when I had a frozen Italian lasagna dinner and 2 days later, bam - that low back pain was awful - I am confused about which diet to follow, the IBS fodmap or a gastritis diet - so confusing and upsetting.

So yes, my main pain is the low back and it would keep me up at night too. Episodes would last 2-3 days and taper off.

I am using Heather's Tummy peppermint pill, one in the morning, and her prebiotic powder and just started with VSL3. Past two days have been fine - check out helpforibs.com -

I think antibiotics can bring on gastritis and if that's the case and you don't have IBS you are lucky. I too am hoping it's only gastritis and it will heal and my problems are not with IBS but I am trying to follow the fodmap diet anyway.


Thanks for the reply Marypar, good to know all that, will have a look at the website you've recommended, I too am trying following the fodmap diet and at present i seem to be ok, good luck 😀


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