Pressure in lower back and butt region, driving me crazy!!

Hello all! I am so glad to have found this forum, because what I am about to ask, I just said to my hubs and got a wtf look.. So does anyone else seem to have an issue with lower back/pelvic/and anal pain/pressure? I'm in the midst of the worst flare I've had, and I feel constipated without being constipated, if that makes sense? Off and on over a year I have had a dull low back pain that comes and goes, which I believe has to do with my stomach(as everything seems to 😠) but all week I have had pain and pressure throughout those regions! Does this happen to anyone else?? Seeing a Gastro on Monday so I will be bringing this up, Thanks!

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  • I have lots of back pain atm too. Tell your hubs to shut up and begin massaging!!

  • Yes! Those feelings are very normal with ibs. I get a lot of pressure/pain right the way around my body, from the naval area to the groin. I suffer with extremely severe constipation but these feelings can happen even when I've not long had a bowel movement. Horrible!

  • Hi Meghan Yes I get this its because you have a flareup-anal pain is always the worst thing ever-rather have a baby ! If you are not constripated you can have peacetamols. Do you take colofac are spasmonal ? You may have an infection that requires antibiotics.

    The wtf on hubbies face will just be concern cos he loves you-hubbies get scared when wife is poorly.

    Could you also be stressed about xmas ? try to get some me time and dont drink any alchol until you are better-nice warm bath etc-relaxing music-pleasnt book-nice film etc etc

    Every Blessing S x

  • Yes! I'm currently in a flare up and have lots of lower back and pelvic pain, feels a lot like period pain! Currently on a very restricted diet along with peppermint tea, probiotics and aloe juice. I've dealt with IBS for about 4yrs with flares every few months.

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