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Picolax taking a while to work



Can anyone help me please. Can Picolax take more than a few hours to work? I have a colonoscopy procedure tomorrow and have been given two sachets of Picolax to take to 'flush' me out, so to speak. I took one at 17.30 tonight and had a very small bowel movement two hours later. Well over three hours have passed now and nothing else has happened. I have to take another sachet at 05.00 in the morning and I'm hoping this will do the trick. I have been fairly constipated over the last eight days so I can only think this is why it's taking a while to work properly.

Thanks in advance

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Hi know the feeling of picolax some times it can take a few hours for some people some it can take two or three to work it will finally work was you gibe two in a pack if so have another .. I have these on prescription and not a lot helps me now and these finally works for me

Good luck for tomorrow


Hope the Picolax has worked now, although if you're normally quite constipated its not the best. Hope they are able to do your colonoscopy today.


Hi if the first one didnt work the next surely will; I never get constipation so it worked in next to no time BUT we are all different-dont forget to use a bit of vaseline so bottom doent get sore. And each bowel movement reaply; motions go like brown water after a while.

I have had this done 5 times now so nothing to worry about.

Very Best wishes

S x

The Picolax started to work eight hours after taking it. Took the second sachet and that was working too, but as I thought, I was so constipated, I was still not clear enough for my Colonoscopy. The Consultant sat down with me and asked me about my symptoms of why my Doctor sent me for a colonoscopy in the first place. He is absolutely convinced that my issues are all to do with being constipated. He advised me to take Moviprep for a couple of days to help flush my system through whilst still eating. After that, he then told me to take 'over the counter' laxatives for a few days to help get my bowels back in order.

I'm hoping this will sort me out😁

Thank you all for your kind words and support.

Picolax didn't work for me, it just gave me very slight, watery diarrhoea. Same with most laxatives I've tried (i.e a lot!). If you need to properly clear your system (such as for a colonoscopy), I can recommend colonic irrigation. Expensive but so worth it. Just make sure you go to someone properly qualified and registered, who really knows their stuff. Good luck!!

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