I have been unwell 6weeks now. I do have IBS but not like this attack. Can't get rid of my pain which is high near my rib cage. Been to A@E because I thought I was having a heart attack! (I wasn't) . To cut a long story short I am now awaiting CT scan. I have this all the time feeling of trapped wind on my left hand side and cannot get rid of it. I have tried everything .Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did they deal with it, I am in great discomfort especially at night.

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  • Hi I have this pain also just under my left ribs. I work with consultant gastroenterologists who say it's most likely IBS related. Its very uncomfortable though & like you seems worse at night & it disturbs my sleep. I went to GP last week as it seemed to be getting worse & he prescribed Colpermin capsules - peppermint - to go with the Fybogel with mebeverine that I already take. It does seem to have improved slightly but I'm not 100% better yet. It does make me anxious though worrying what if? Which in turn probably makes it worse if it is as the doctors seem to think related to IBS. I'm thinking of trying some relaxation/mindfulness techniques to see if they help. Best wishes

  • Aw thanks for that reply. I have tried what you have mentioned

    It's seems you have to find something what works for you. I am starting on some tablets I have bought over the counter called DIDA it's says gastrointestinal comfort on the packet .It has cinnamon and natural herbal nutrients in them. I will try anything whilst I wait for my CT scan.

  • I posted about a hypno program which might help. Hope you feel better soon



  • Hi Spiky. Just thought I'd mention that after several attacks, the first of which I was convinced was a heart attack (pain way off the scale) and a couple of A&E admissions, I tried various prescription meds, none of which helped in the least.

    I was told it was acid reflux when the stomach acid rises and scalds the gut and which can be excruciating. Quite by accident I found that a simple ant-acid, 'Remegel', stopped the pain within seconds.

    No other antacid works so there must be something different about these ; they're in 3 packs of 8 chewable tablets (pleasant taste) and for a bad attack I usually need 2 tablets. They're available at pharmacies and supermarkets off the shelf.

    I wish I'd known years before that such a simple, off prescription item could make such a dramatic difference to my life ;-)

    Try them ; they're about £2.50 for a pack of 24. xx

  • Will do thankyou

  • Might be a gall bladder problem.

    To help the trapped wind feeling, try swinging your arm around Like a propellor movement for a minute or two, might help.


  • Had my gall bladder out 1977 but thankyou for your reply and helpful suggestion.

  • After 8 months of constant dull pain under left ribcage I am currently undergoing tests which are all clear so far just a scan to go. My G.P. thinks it is IBS related although I dont have any other symptoms. I decided to cut out foods suggested on the fodmap diet and unbelievably I have just had 3 weeks pain free so it looks as though my GP could be correct. I am still going to have the scan to be sure.x

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