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Hey everyone, I have been reading some stuff on here today and I just want to let you know that I have had IBS for 18 years now no meds would work nothing, everything I ate was shooting out of me. So I did find some stuff that may help others so my routine now every morning is I drink a meal replacement which is equate brand found at Walmart it is lactose free and gluten free but high in protein, I take 3 Imodium with the drink and 1 probiotic I do this everyday and my bowels have been doing good I still have off days like once every 3 months. Good luck

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Isnt three immodiums a lot to take though if you have to do it every day. surely in the end they just wont have any affect


I have been doing the same routine for a year now and I'm serious I can go eat at a restaurant, also my doctor was surprised because of my meal replacement drink in the morning because it is high in protein but it works for me and I would rather use 3 Imodium than 15 to 20


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