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IBS crazy this week and Hello

A few years ago I was diagnosed with IBS and anxiety, lucky enough my employer paid for me to see a specialist who went through CBT therapy. For the last few years I've only had minor IBS/anxiety attacks when travelling with loved ones. (This is kind of acceptable, not perfect, but I can cope)

I've also within the last two years had camera inspections both ways (I cannot remember what that was called) - no issues found.

This last week I don't know what's happened, I've had daily IBS attacks night and day (sometimes at 3-4am waking up to have an attack)

I've been getting the extreme cramping spasms followed by loads of gas and loose movements, and today - feeing a massive amount of pressure inside I also vomited a little, not something that's happened recently - but sadly one of the side effects of being anxious sometimes.

I'm new here, didn't know what to post, but I'm finding it really tough this week (and most of last), I wouldn't normally write this stuff down, but frankly I think I'm just venting.

I've tried diet changes this week, it helped a little I think, so I probably just need to keep restricting things until stuff gets ok again I guess.


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That all sounds tough. Have you kept a food diary, tried a low fodmap diet and increased your probiotics? Also have you looked into candida overgrowth or sibo to see if those relate to your symptoms. For spasms I take peppermint oil mixed with warm water and peppermint or ginger herbal tea. It takes time to get to your food/drink/supplement individual requirements, so just be patient. I have joined the SYMPROVE facebook page which offers lots of advice. Hope you are on the road to recovery soon



Yeah over the years I've used food diaries, I've never been able to identify a culprit, although there are certain things that I'd associate with feeling mildly unwell, I've never identified anything that sets me off for over a week before.

This time is very tough, so I'm trying a few other options, some of which you've suggested. I just cannot work out how you can eat very little but still wake up with issues...

I'm also considering a return visit to the gp to see if anything has changed that needs to be investigated, although it took my gp years to diagnose IBS in the first instance.



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