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Constipation and diarrhea!!

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I'm so fed up of the same cycle, I get diarrhea an take tablets but then I am bunged up for ages afterwards! Then to top it off I panic if I don't take the tablets before I go out so now I am taking diarrhea tablets on a constipated stomach!!!

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I have poos the whole time, so if I realy have to go out in the day I will wear a pad.

But nine times out of 10 i will not go out at all....I cant see it being wise taking stuff to stop the poos when you cant go. My friend uses pesseries to get shut ( Glycerin Suppositories )

they dont take long to work and GPs given them and you can also buy.

preperatio H for sore bum. My GP has givem me DAKHTACORT...

S x

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I have to go loads before I leave the ghouse as I feel full! Yeah I know I had diarrhea today so I ended up taking 2 again but was fine😃thanks xx

Hi babe I no what you are going through I take loperamide for my dryria I take 2 or 3 when I no I av got to go out so I dont have any bowel accidents & make a show of my self in the fast like I did with the dyria & then the agony pains with taking to many & constipation I have but babe dont put your self through more pain if your constipated leave the dyria pills alone or like me dont go out take care patricia

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Yeah so do I, I try to have a break too. I had a poo today was all okay I panic because I had work an didnt want to go in work. Thanks xx

Try metamuccil or psylium seeds. It works for both constipation and diareahea. Its a pretty harmless drink. Go over it with your pharmacist and doctor. Keep your doctor informed of how you are doing. METAMUCIL REGULATES YOU. IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS, BUT DONT GIVE UP.IMO,ITS GOOD FOR ALL STOMACH AILMENTS. BUT I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

DO YOU HAVE IBS? I would also stick to a bland diet until you find out what it is.

Good Luck!

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Lucyjanexx in reply to Skyrooms

Thank you I will have to look into it! Yes I have IBS xx


Please let me know if you cannot find it. Its very prevelent here in the US. Its the go to thing. This fiber is in many,many households. It comes in flavors like orange.The doctors ordered it for me as soon as they found out I had IBS. I had to go to the er several times in my first year.

U poor thing. I am exactly the same. TBH I think drugs are meant for people with occasional issues or is you have to travel a long way and know u won't have a loo.

U need to try and find out the cause, which will be food based and cut it out.

Also have u tried linseed? I put them in yogurt and cereals. Makes a massive difference! Xx

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