Symptoms following gastro

Hello all! Please excuse me if I've posted to the wrong section as this is the first time I'm doing this.

I'm wondering if anyone's issues started after a bout of gastro or "stomach flu"? Early august I was at work and suddenly felt icky in my stomach, by 5pm I was vomiting so I went home. When I got home the vomiiitng continued followed by dihorrea.

The home doctor came out and gave me medication to stop the vomiting. I thought everything was settled and returned to work 2 :days later only to be hit by a wave of severe nausea. This has happened every single day for the last 9 weeks now. Nausea so bad that I've considered suicide. I've lost 11kg in this time.

I'm not sure if it's coincidental, but my anxiety has been through the roof as I am not good with vomiting on a normal day. I had to quit my job today and cancel an overseas trip to America with my boyfriend which we We're due to go on in 2 weeks.

Alongside the nausea I am getting intermittent bloating, gas and my lower abdominal area is making strange noises.

I am also belching and sometimes have a burning feeling at the back of my throat (made worse when taking the PPI somac).

I have had blood tests including celiac and h pylori, - negative

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound normal

Endoscopy - mild chronic gastritis ( not enough to be causing the symptoms)

Gastric emptying test - normal

HIDA scan - functioning at 62%

Urine and stool tests (for parasites) - normal.

I am currently at a loss as my life has turned upside down from this mystery illness. Some may argue that it's anxiety but I've had anxiety since I was 8 years old and never had this symptom with it. It feels like my stomach is at war with itself.

I've taken somac 40mg for 2 weeks and Xanax .25mg also with no effect. Doctor doesn't want to put me on ssri's as this can cause more nausea (?)

If anyone has any information regarding post gastro stomach issues please let me know. I'm completely desperate for answers!

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  • Go to the humaworm website as their parasite cleanse system covers a wider range of parasites than what the doctor will test for. Sounds like the bug you picked up is still in your system.

  • Food poisoning? Have you tried a good probiotic?

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