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Hiya, I'm a newbie to the IBS net work.

I've suffered from diarrhoea for 9months now. I can barely make it out the house without needing to do a shit. I've taken a lot of medication to help the issue but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any advice or been through a similar experience?

Thank you my fellow IBS friends.


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Hi ..First of all the pic attached 👍it is really expressive to our miserable condition but in a funny way 😅😭 ..can you tell us more about what Meds have you tried before and what tests have you done ? This way we don't need to advice you of something you have already tried before and didn't work for you ..Thanks :)

Great pic! Sometimes the things people take to stop the problem do in fact make it worse.

The only thing I found which works is Imodium shirt term. Long term try going dairy and wheat free.

Suggest you look at FODMAP elimination diet. Get the app from Monash University which is self explanatory and start. Y only eating foods marked with green traffic light symbol. Do at least six weeks then you can start adding in Amber light marked foods. Good luck

Optibac saccharomyces boulardii.

Have you had a blood test and/or hospital tests ?

Hi patricia here did you watch that radio station programme it was about ibs they sed try this alflorex look it up hun I dont no about it or havent tryed it ask yyr doctor about it first though you never no I thought I had ibs for ten yrs all the horrible gut problems & pain & I lived on the toilet for ever with dyria but untill I went down hill & had to have a urgent blood transfusion that they found out I had serious coeliac disease so go bak to yur doctors take care patricia

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