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Hi, does anyone take a probiotic regularly and if so do you find it has helped to reduce the symptoms of bloating, pain, etc?

I am looking for a probiotic that is dairy free and does not contain a pre-biotic. Can anyone recommend one?

Many thanks.

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Hello I take a probiotic . And I have found that it does help my symptoms . If you go to your local vitamin Shoppe most likely they will have vitamins that do not contain gluten or dairy or fillers . Just know that sometimes when you first start them out they could cause some mild discomfort . The brand I use is called the Garden of life .

Shaklee's life plan is a smoothie drink that is loaded with probiotics but noit the prebiotics, Two scoops a day will give you your day's need for probiotics Shaklee .com. it comes in three different flavors ; STRAWBERRY VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE and you can take it with any milk you choose, The best thin about it is if you dont like it you can get your money back even if the container is emply.

Could try coconut yogurt it works for me.

Optibac range are excellent

I take. Probiotic daily and it has improved my symptoms (IBSC )I use one made by Lamberts .

I take one a day and also a Slippery Elm tablet and that stops the D

and makes a sort of stool.

Probiotics are a definite plus

Oh yeah! Pro/pre biotics are amazing. Fos-a-dopholis (amazon, about £30.00 4 3 jars, I take 1 am & 1 pm) works 4 me, Gf & DF, a lot aren't or are made in factories that handle allergens, check carefully, no 1 size fits all tho' & will take few days to see an improvement, all the best x

Once I stopped taking one, my symptoms improved

I take VSL#3. It has helped greatly. It's expensive but definitely worth every penny.

Zeitgeist in reply to Szelmar

Thank you, Unfortunately I had a bad allergic response to that one a couple of years ago, which was a shame as it was so expensive!

jenny89119 in reply to Szelmar

I tried this one. It bothered me. I found out it had milk in it.

Check out Definitely helps my diarrhoea. Good luck.

Another vote for the Optibac range.

What is the difference between a pro-biotic and a pre-biotic?

Hi, I am taking OPTIBAC PROBIOTICS (they make GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE from what I can see on info.) I have suffered severe pain and bloating with IBS for ten years now a lot worse last two yrs. (every day pain and bloat for MONTHS) started taking this 'For Every Day' Probiotic after one week of 'Flat Week' - which is a specifically created mix for bloats IBS and I'm now on DAY 6 of Capsules and * NO PAIN OR BLOATING since Day 2 !! I am so impressed! Please try this Optibac if you are suffering same symptoms as I'm so excited I have finally found something that ACTUALLY WORKS I want to share it with you all. (* mine was ordered online at £11 something for 30 capsules- cheaper than Holland and Barratt that did nothing...) .

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