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Feeling weird!

Was reasonably ok, had lunch (nothing I shouldn't eat as far as I'm aware), an hour later I'm walking my dog, suddenly stomach bloated, head pressure, felt bit nauseous and very light headed, face flushed and hot. Managed to get home and now I feel awful - this happened to me on Sunday but not as bad, wish I knew what triggers it off as it's awful :-(

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Sometimes I have found that exercise after eating can make me feel unwell. After looking up why, this is what I found: 'When you eat a meal, the digestive system needs more blood flow to digest and process food, sending the signal to your heart to increase blood pressure and deliver a sufficient amount of blood to the stomach and digestive system. Your blood pressure changes as blood goes off to the stomach to aid digestion.' This can make you feel dizzy, tired, nauseas and faint.

The recommended time to wait before exercise is two hours to allow blood pressure to return to normal as digestion slows down.

I guess this could explain bloating too as exercise may be causing food to be forced to travel insufficiently digested through the intestine.

May be worth trying to wait a bit longer before going out after eating?

Hope this is useful.


The flushing part might be worth looking into a bit more have you talked to a doctor about it?


Hi Rachh8,

This was the first time I have noticed the flushing with these symptoms. What are you thinking it could be? Thanks


Well I'm actually amazed at how many different conditions can have flushing not just Menopause. But I think it's best chatted through with the doc because I'm probably not aware of all of them well. Keep us posted and I hope you get on ok. A friend told me a while ago to keep a history of all the symptoms that I have no matter how small because it can often be the deciding factor in my view and the body is trying to tell us something :)


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