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Unsure 😳

Hi i am 37 and have been feeling abit unwell for the last couple of months. I am getting upset shomachs quite often. I feel lathargic alot. Cant eat somethings as they seem to make it worse. Im always worried where there is a toilet. I feel like i need a poo alot of the time and when i do go sometimes i feel awful for about half hour but seem to then feel better. I do have a stressful job and dont know if its stress or could it be IBS advice would be appreciated

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So sorry you are feeling unwell having symptoms like these can make you feel so run down and anxious especially trying to find a loo I understand fully. This site is fabulous for finding support but we really need to know what we are dealing with so get yourself off to the Doctors get checked out and let us know the outcome. Good Luck


Yes do try to get to a gp. Blood tests including thyroid and b12 might prove helpful to you.

Are there any particular foods you have which you pinpoint and say it could be that causing the tummy upset?


Cheese is main thing iv found that im really bad with.

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Maybe lactose intolerance. Could try a glass of milk and see how you react.


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