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New doctor no help

Someone wanted to know how I made out with my new doctor for my ibS. i had a brief chat today and he wasn't much help. He said meds are expensive and depends on what I was willing to pay and I told him depends on how good the meds are more than what i was willing to pay.

So not much help there, My next step is to talk to a doctor Brouse who does help thousands of people with their health problems including Ibs, It is $25 for a 5 minute call and he recommends Shaklee products which are guaranteed to help. I myself have been putting this off to try and get the medical community to help and I have once more exhausted that avenue, I too need help soon as my IBS is driving me nuts. If anyone is interested in getting hold of Doctor Brouse reply here and let me know and I will be happy to post the information on this,

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yeah ..i ✋ was the one who wanted to know if the new doctor was of any help to you..is doctor Brouse a real medical doctor or a holistic specialist ??


He is a real doctor a chiropractor and nutritionist. He is rather expensive but worth the money if you have the money to spend, It costs $25 for 5 minutes and he deals stricltly with cash, He does not bill insurance.


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