Does buscopan have a generic?

I hope it's ok for me to post here. I don't have IBS, I have gastopareis and intestinal dysmotility but I know that some medications are similar. After a particularly unpleasant flare up, I spoke to my pharmacist who suggested adding buscopan to the concoction. It is actually quite helpful and I don't know why it was suggested before. It's not cheap, especially not if I'm going to be taking 8 tablets a day. Does anyone please know if I can get a generic over the counter in England? I don't want to waste a GP appointment for this and would feel a bit cheeky asking for it to be prescribed when I can buy it.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hyoscine butylbromide is the other name whether a chemist can sell it as that. My friend has gastropareis and says it works for him too. He says the firm who make buscopan are the sole licence holders for the product- not sure if this the case.

    You will more than likely be able to get a script which will give you a four week supply for 1 script charge as opposed to paying per pack. The largest and cheapest i have seen in the shops, is in wilkis.

  • its also quite ok priced on amazon uk

  • I was advised to buy buscopan. After visiting the gp last week she prescribed me Mebeverine. Which is a stronger version and is prescribed.

    It may be worth asking gp if you can have it for your condition.

  • meberevine hydrochloride is the active substance. its brand name is colofac. You can buy this online at Ive used this site and you dont need a prescription and id assume its less and you can buy bulk packs.

  • Hi my daughter is prescribed buscopan . Its very good medication . I don't think there is a generic one out there at the moment. My daughter is prescribed it by gp. Try ringing up the gp or his secretary.

  • I have bought Buscopan over the counter in Boots. It's sold as Buscopan. I usually get it on prescription, and for me it works much better than all the other anti spasmodics.

  • It's generic name is Hyoscine Butylbromide - you might need to ask for it over the counter, as most pharmacies only sell Buscopan in the shelf. Having said that, I recently found that buying a box of 40 tablets was cheaper than a prescription.

    Hope this helps.

  • It is sometimes also known as scopolamine butylbromide.

  • Thanks for the helpful replies and comments. It's not easy to get a GP appointment and I find them not very understanding of my GI issues. Hopefully I will be able to see my gastroenterologist soon. I will buy a bigger box as it's more cost effective.

    I had a bad night with pain and vomiting, so maybe I do need something stronger. The buscopan isn't doing anything today.

  • Buscopan is on sale w/o a prescription at most supermarkets. Ive bought in tesco, superdrug, supersaver and wilko and online. I think it was cheapest for me at amazon (its an add-on item as well)

    I have to say though i use it now and again and to be honest in my experience (16y with ibs) its not that effective and I have ibs-d

  • I have tried most of the 'offered' tablets for IBS and have found Buscopan eases the pain for me best. Two or three years ago it was a POM, but now as mentioned above it can be bought in most places. Hope Buscopan helps you

  • Not sure if this helps but I work in a pharmacy and we get our stock from the 5 largest suppliers in the country and we can only order these under the name buscopan. When we ask for or try to get hold of hyoscine butylbromide (the generic) we can't. We have to ask for buscopan. I have never seen any other brand doing this medicine and we are not able to get hold of any and therefore I'd assume there is no other brand?

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