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Ibs flare of diverticulitis?

From the 18th July my bowels have been eratic and have had bouts of diarreah. On Thursday 28th July I started with lower back pain and passing soft frequent stool. I woke up this morning with lower left abdominal pain. If I press on the right lower right of my abdomen I can feel pain on my left, like a tearing/stabbing pain. I've opened my bowels three times so far and my stool is very soft with undigested food and mucous. I've had antibiotics for diverticulitis 5/6 times now and had an overnight stay in hospital on iv antibiotics about 4 years ago.

The pain is similar to diverticular pain but so far I have no fever or nausea/vommiting. My doctor is use less and will give me antibiotics which make me worse as I don't tolerate them well. The pain isn't constant but is felt if I move, breath heavy and open my bowels etc. I can't tell if I've ever had an ibs flare as my symptoms are a daily occurance but I'm not convinced it's diverticulitis either.

Has anyone has anything similar or can offer advice on how to deal with it?

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I was hospitalised for diverticulitis at the beginning of this year. It began with pain on the left hand side and I felt generally unwell and slightly nauseous. I went straight to A & E as I would have had to wait ages for a GP appointment. I suggest a trip to A & E might be a good idea for you, athough I can understand you not wanting more antibiotics. But if all your GP will do is give you more antibiotics, at least you will get another opinion about your symptoms. Good luck.


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