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Hi, I've suffered with IBS/hiatus hernia for many years but 6 months ago my symptoms changed so I went back to the GP (my Dad is a bowel cancer survivor so I'm more paranoid!) and had loads of tests for parasites, abdominal ultrasound, blood tests, etc. Blood tests revealed I had an off the chart inflammation in my system so she suggested I had food intolerance blood tests which I did and for almost the past month I've been on an elimination diet, not eating any of the things that the blood test flagged. However, in this time I've been suffering from daily stomach pains and discomfort, generally feeling crappy and now since last Sunday I woke up with the worst bloated stomach, burning pains, feel like my stomach's in knots and with horrendous headaches and feeling like I want to crawl into a corner and make it all stop. Saw GP again yesterday, she can't understand why this is happening of I'm eliminating all things I'm intolerant to so now I have to go have a helicobacter test and see an Allergy Specialist. I feel so miserable, can't take this pain and discomfort much longer - has this happened to anyone else and if so what was it and what helped? Thanks so much

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