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Ibs diarrhoea and trapped wind

I suffer from terrible trapped wind and have done since i was very young. Im aware it may be caused by food intolerance but havnt tried to fix this yet. My question is does anyone find that a build up of trapped wind contibutes to bouta of diarrhoea. Iv noticed lately that before i get to the stage of running to the toilet i have a few days of really bad trapped wind that causes stomach pain etc then my belly will start to make a gurgling noise high on my left side then the diarrhoea appears. Anyone else get this?

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I suffer with the trapped wind, its only a recent thing for me. I tend to get it after a really bad attack and it can last for a couple of days after. I have had it before as well. It can be so so painful its not fun at all. I know fizzy drinks are bad for IBS but I will get a bottle of coke, which will make me burp and start to relieve the pressure a bit.

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You could try York tests - they can see if you have food intolernace - and have helped lots of people. Or you could look into the FODMAP diet and see what foods may be causing it but you have to cut them out one at a time. It could be GLUTEN or DAIRY is causing your symptoms as they are common triggers of food intolerance. Have a look on the web for details.


Hallo there thanku for replies. I already avoid dairy foods so it cant be this. I have had a york test and vega test which said i have intolerances to yeast caffeine msg peanuts and dairy foods but im not strict enough to rule these out of my diet at the moment so i know its probably these thats causing the trapped wind etc. I Just wondered if anyone thought trapped wind actually brought on bouts of diarrhoea? Xx


I guess it means the bowel is not working smoothly and when its not the trapped wind could cause the stool to move more irregularly through the gut I guess. I think the two may be linked - but do try to cut more of your trigger foods out as it may well help you. If you are still drinking coffee and tea and having bread they could cause a lot of symptoms maybe? Decaffinated tea and coffee are easy to get now. I find peppermint tea also helpful for the digestion and it does not contain caffeine - but is a stimulant.


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