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It gets discouraging and SO tiresome

It hasn't happened for awhile...in fact my IBS has been no so bad at all lately...but then wham... oh well, we all know what that can be like.

Been having trouble pushing out regular bm (could be that I am older) so last night I took only half of a Cascara Sagrada (herbal laxative, mild) capsule... and Oy Vey... Here comes the nausea and extreme tiredness and just all over feeling bad... after a couple of diarrhea runs to the bathroom. The best I've been able to come up with is a Vagus Nerve response... Sometimes takes most of the day to recuperate.

Take care everybody...so wish everyone would have a REALLY good day! BettyA

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Sorry to hear you are having a sod it day,give yourself a treat!

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Hi Betty,I believe this would have been yesterday in the states,so I hope your having a better day today. You just chill, and keep the anxiety down. Norma.xx

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I wish my anxiety would pipe down of its own... sometimes I just don't know what to do anymore... but I always try to remember to be grateful for the times when I "DO" feel better.... Grateful I'm not physically sick this morning! There! See. A good thing! :)


Betty go to FB Messenger


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