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Weak nerves in bowel.


Iv`e been having fecal continence issues fro some years now, & 4 years ago I saw my gp about them. Since then Iv`e been bounced from specialist to nurse, & back to another specialist again. Iv`e had numerous tests, & the verdict isn`t very good. Iv`e not only got a weak anal sphincter as a result of a difficult childbirth more than 40 years ago, which has only become apparent because of my age, I have a thin pelvic floor, which would make a repair inadvisable, & if that`s not enough to be going along with, I also have damaged pelvic nerves which prevent my bowel from emptying fully. the result of all these problems means that I leak stool after bowel movements, & have to wear tissue paper in my underwear to stop soiling. Is there any answer to my continence issues that won`t involve wearing nappies a few years down the line? I`m at the end of my tether with the whole situation, & I can`t understand why it`s taking so long for the doctors to sort me out.

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I have recently bought a Kegel8 ultra20 with vaginal probe. I have similar problems to yourself caused by difficult birth 40 years ago plus hysterectomy a week later. I have been using this every day for about 8 months now and have great improvement. It exercises by internal electrical stimulation of your muscles and can be used for floor muscle stimulation and both incontinence in bowel and urinary tract. Look it up on Internet. It's fairly expensive and the probes are only guaranteed to last around 60 usages however my first one actually lasted for 6 months. I found the best probe is the Perisphera O which is very smooth and seems to consistently work the most muscles. Look it up on the web - it's made in England and has a very good support team if you have any questions. Good luck

hairyfairy in reply to Hidden

According to the leaflet that came with the kegel, it`s supposed to last at about 3 years. Iv`e been using it for a few weeks, but there`s no sign of any improvement yet.

I have the same problem - I had an episiotomy with my first child I am at my wits end. I sympathise with you.

hairyfairy in reply to Egnig

If I`d known what lay in store years in the future, I would have never have had that baby! That`s how unhappy I am with my situation. Girls should be warned about what motherhood can do to their bodies long before they have kids.

Hi, I agree with sashapet. I too have a Kegel machine. It's not a cure but my pelvic floor muscles have definitely woken up since using it. I have had an anterior repair & am waiting for an appointment with a specialist gynaecologist to see if I need more done as my bowel has fallen into the space my bladder occupied & I now have a rectocele. This coupled with poor muscle tone is a lovely combination! It's horrible I do understand how you feel, you are not alone. I found the best person I spoke to was a specialist female physiotherapist, I saw her privately but it was worth the cost. I would give it a try if you haven't already done so.

Hi, I had faecal incontinence about three years ago. But I was lucky enough to have had a GP referral to St Marks Hospital in NE London. Which specialises in bowel/intestine problems.

At the time they were researching the use of a 'Tens Machine' for the problem. For 6 weeks twice a day for 20 mins I would put the electrical pads on the inside of one ankle 10cm apart. With the machine set at a particular frequency. And I'm grateful to say it worked. And I've not had a problem since.

Non invasive (I'm all about non invasive) painless and quick.

Obviously our issues may vary to some degree and it may not be the answer for everyone, but it might be worth checking it out.

Good luck.

hairyfairy in reply to Zandy

I was sent for a trial on tibial stimulation 3 years ago, but it had no effect. Iv`e since had collagen injections into my inner sphincter, but that didn`t work either. I`m still waiting for them to come up with a solution to my problem, & I`m getting very tired of going backwards & forwards to hospital for appointments with various nurses & specialists. I`m seriously beginning to think that I`m a hopeless case.

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