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The last week i have had pretty severe stomach pain. Started on the left side then added the right side then just above my belly button (the worst pain) my normal doc says anxiety.. I have anxiety but i really am hurting. ER guessed an std.. I know for a fact thats not the case. Now I'm having light brown stools with dark circular spots. Not very many spots. I think the pain may be trapped gas. After i left the er i realized i hadn't passed gas in about a week. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Light stools can sometimes be gall bladder? But that pain is usuaully in th right side upper thru to back BUT evryone is different. Trapped gas in the intestines can also cause terrible pain. Do U have constipation regularly? that can caus terrible pain also. It sounds like MAYBE U should try a mild laxitive. If it doen't clear up Please go to your G.P. There are so many things it could be and none of us here are [?] doctors. Good Luck.


I am not constipated. I take miralax everyday to prevent that. I went to my doc yesterday.. And the ER.. No help. But i have had some rectal pain.. Just inside on the left side. Really worried at this point


I.m the same. But I was gavjng to many microlax snd my stomache area was so painful and sore.my doctor said give your stomache& bowels a rest . from laxatives & just have high fibre foods for a while. X


Hi if you cant pass wind then i have found peppermint oil or capsules do the job (have had to use after c sections) when nothing else works quite a instant relief though so dont pop a pill and carry on shopping ...hope it all goes well

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