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Could cry with how I feel, why doesn't the Dr get it?

I'm a healthy 30 year old with a toddler and busy life. Thoa has been my life for at least 3 months.

Wake up with a stomach ache, feeling sick and like I need to rush to the toilet. Don't actually need the loo.

Have breakfast, which is a struggle as I feel so sick. During the morning I usually do go to the toilet. This is a normal healthy stool, not loose. During the day at least 7/8 times I feel like I am going to have bad diarrhoea. I never do. In the evening while watching tv I lay down and I can feel what I can only describe as 'a baby' moving around in my stomach. This must be gas.

Occasionally, no more than 3 times a month I wake up with a stabbing pain in my stomach which feels a lot like food poisoning.

So I go To my dr, he feels my stomach and I had a full blood test done....everything normal. I go back again a month later and say I've been reading about ibs, could it be that. He said no....because you go to the toilet regularly. So I ask what is the next step in finding out what is wrong with me, because my life is being stressful and the stress is making all the symptoms worse. He's offered me antidepressants.

I don't know if I have ibs. If the dr is right. What I should do. All I know is.....waking up each day feeling this way is making me dread waking up. The anxiety and depression are related to how I feel. They are not causing the symptoms.

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You're absolutely right, the stress and anxiety about your problem will make you feel awful, and the worry about it all will make the tummy problems worse. The GP will then try to tell you that it's because you are stressed and anxious that you are unwell, but you know perfectly well that it's the reverse! You are stressed because you have these worrying symptoms.

We have all been there! You will have to keep persevering until you are given all the necessary tests to rule everything out, but it may take a few months to achieve that. Reading what it others have to say on this site will help you to make sense of what is a very confusing situation, especially at the beginning. You are far from being alone.

In the short term, try all the simple remedies such as avoiding wheat, lactose, onions and garlic, and using peppermint tea for some relief. The low FODMAP diet may help a lot. Sadly, it's a long and tiring path, but you'll get there! Good luck,

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Hi Sarah, I am so sorry you are going through this rough time... I do promise you, however, that YES, anxiety and or depression can give you EVERY kind of symptom.... Sometimes it catches up with you even after you start feeling "OK" again....

It is a good idea to keep pushing for tests just so that you FEEL BETTER mentally if and when they all turn our 'normal.' Have you thought about visiting with a therapist? Sometimes people think when you ask that, that they are 'accusing you of bad behavior' etc... but truly, it might honestly help... I am in my 70's and started in going to one several months ago... it is amazing what she helped me discover within my thinking, thought patterns, etc... Sometimes this is the ONLY way to end up feeling better physically. I wish you all the very best, Sarah... Good luck with everything. Somehow we DO manage to get past it all... (even tho it may not feel that way! :) )


Hi Sarah, I certainly do feel your pain as I have also suffered what you are going through - the pain, the nausea, bloated stomach and in my case either loose stools, normal or constipation.

I would certainly push for tests with your doctor - I know it's hard but you need to insist as a blood test won't rule out everything. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy around 20 years ago before they actually diagnosed me with IBS.

Best of luck and we are here for each other.

:) x

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Hi Sarah we can all sympothyse with you. You do have to persist with the drs. In my practice there is a Dr that knows more than the others about its. Some just brush you off ,the anxiety is a big part of the ibs playing up. Keep clear of red meats, onions, garlic and fizzy drinks. Alchol plays me up but vodka seems okay. Antidepressants can help with its pains they relax the intestines. I was in hospital in march and now take amitriptaline at night I find it helps. I also have tried the brat diet, It helps when Im Having a bad time. Try it you have nothing I lose. X

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Sarah, I've been living with IBS for 20 odd years and it has many different ways of showing itself, so you may indeed have it. Drs in my opinion deal with exact science, which I don't believe IBS is. I agree that anxiety over the symptoms you are experiencing creates a vicious circle of stress and anxiety in itself which makes everything worse. If you are not getting any help or sympathy it can be very debilitating and become a vicious circle. I can only speak from experience, and several years of looking into this, so here are some things to try.

From what you said you have a very busy life, and probably not much time for yourself. For you it is a young family, for me it was a stressful job, where I hardly had a second to myself. Whilst doing the dietary stuff recommended, FODMAP is good place to start to find out if food is affecting you. there are some good charts on Pinterest for it. To get the stress levels under control Try and also be aware of how you are feeling, whether you are tense inside, feeling rushed or harassed, during the day. If you are aware if it can you try to take a step back and relax. Even if that means shutting yourself in the bathroom to take some deep breaths and think positive thoughts. I think of a nice place I went on holiday once and really try to put myself back there mentally. Try and take time to eat slowly and quietly for yourself if you don't already. Rushed meals or interupted meals (I'm guessing that's the case- toddlers do that!) Can mean you take in a lot of air- hence the gas pains. Can a family member help give you a break while you eat quietly and slowly and focus on eating the right food?

Mindfulness is brilliant and is definitely worth trying. When you wake up and go to sleep in pain or not - try to get in touch with how you feel whether that's tense, stressed, depressed, in pain or hopefully good. Just lie there and recognise it's there and accept it, don't try to do anything, just notice it. Focus on your breathing and relaxing. Lavender oil on a tissue is good for this too or some rescue remedy. Very calming. Try to do it daily, and see if it helps. I do this now generally to relax, but when I have IBS pains it helps calm me and deal with the pain and queeziness. Exercise may also help reduce the stess and improve the other symptoms. Even a walk a day can improve IBS and lower stress/depression. A probiotic tablet may help too for the tummy, though Fodmap will tell you not too. Try it, if symptoms get worse, stop. If you know about these already, or try them and they don't help, then do go back to your Dr, you may need more help or think about other alternative therapies if you draw a blank there.

From my experience rushing around constantly does affect IBS as much as food. I have controlled my diet now which helps 99% of the time, but when I get stressed the IBS is back regardless of what I've eaten. So I have to keep my mood and stress on an even keel too, so I now try to make time for me. There will still be fair ups though, but you learn to cope. not easy with a young family, but I hope these ideas might help you too.


I just want to thank you all so much for taking the time to help me. I really want to reply to you all individually but I'm sat on a train with my daughter asleep on me (better than fidgiting for the past hour)

It's really useful information and advice.

We can book Drs appointments online now, so I'll pick the other dr and see if he can help. And I'll request extra tests.

I have just purchased a pretty notebook and I'm going to keep a food and symptom diary and see if I notice patterns. I need to read about FODMAP and educate myself.

You guys are the best, it is just nice to hear from people than understand what I feel.

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I believe you need much more testing done then feeling stomach and giving antidepressants perhaps colonoscopy, endoscopy, catscan, I have had all these and still having problems with a diagnoses and correct meds, I am seeing a new gi doctor as my current gi doctor is not helping me. good luck to you!


Hi Sarah,

I feel exactly the same - Doctors cant see the pain - therefore it isnt there, is how I feel. My doctor told me just change your diet - despite having had changed it numerous times and having many intololerances test - He just replied, well there is nothing more we can do. I would go as far to say IBS for a time ruined my life. Stress is a major control in my IBS and Ive had to find ways myself to deal with this - breathing technques etc. as well as taking Imodium to help settle my mind.

Try out different things and research stress relief exercises and see which one works for you.

Stay Strong Xx


I've been reading about ibs, could it be that. He said no....because you go to the toilet regularly.

I have IBS and and at its worse I was going to the loo about 6x a day and I kept feeling I had not evacuated completely. Everything I ate seemed to activate my gut and I would need the loo after eating anything and would never know when I would need to go to the loo again - it was so unpredictable. I have never had a medical practitioner tell me that I haven't got IBS because of my having to keep going to the loo frequently. I was told that the symptoms can swing one way to another.


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