Help for bloating and gas please

Hi, I have ibs but mainly bloating and wind not matter what I eat.

Any tips please for avoiding all the gas it is so embarrassing and I avoid staying over with boyfriend because I don't want to deal with all the gas in the morning.


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  • Lemon and ginger tea helps and Buscopan cramps (as it regulates inside a little and can help with wind) also for bloating - heat therapy so a hot water bottle for a bit does wonders. and maybe if you want to stay over, be really bland with food and keep calm as thinking about it will make you more anxious. plenty of herbal tea and heat remedy

  • There are products esp for gas, in Spain it is Entero-silicona, but anything with the ingredient simeticone in it.

  • Have a look at what your eating. I have just gone gluten free past three weeks and symptoms are much better. My main diet was bread cheese chocolate and biscuits pizza. All tubbis

  • Sos fingers slipped. I've had ibs for over 30 years but honestly the wind bloating and pain is so much better now.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. I have cut out wheat and tried simethicone products but still having problems. I bought Lepicol plus yesterday and took a dose midday and again this morning, I keep trying whatever I can to hopefully find a treatment. I know the more I worry the worse it is so its a vicious circle.

  • Certainly for me a hot water bottle does the trick.

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