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Not sure if I have IBS

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Hi my name is Rod. I have been going through hell the last 3 weeks. I have really bad pains in the stomach & diapraghm like burning. Really bad wind pains in the back at the sides. My digestion is really bad. I have no appetite. Feel like there's something wrong with my digestive system. I don't feel 100%. I am so worried I have IBS. The pain never seems to go away though. Most people on here say it goes away or they have an attack after a meal. Mine is there all day whether I eat or not. It is almost unbearable. I can't exercise or do any renos. I feel sick also just about everyday. I didn't go to the toilet for about 6 days so I went to the hospital when I was feeling really bad. He said take Metamucil 3 times a day. I have never been constipated or had diarreah since taking the Metamucil but my stools are pellet like. I don't have any mucous. The last time I went I did feel as though all didn't come out which they say is a sign of IBS. I can't stand this much more. It is ruining my life. Going to the Dr's tomorrow. First time I went there he said it was anxiety so he prescribed me zoloft but it is not helping. I am fading away to a shadow. I can't sleep either which is making it worse. I am crying just about everyday. I rang a gastreonologist today to ask a few questions. Think I will have to see one of them. If they say I am all clear I don't know what I'll do. This is just so unbearable & killing any quality of life I have :( Also I felt really full after having about half of a soup my Mum made. Also felt really sick & nauseas. I also can hear air coming up my throat & coughed up an unusual amount of phlegm the other day. i have never been unhealthy in my life. This is really getting me down. I have always been so active. Now I just come home from work & lay in the chair. I so hate my life now :(

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Hi Rod, sounds quite similar to me, i'm bloated everyday regardless of what i eat, and i eat my evening meal 6 hours before bed and i'm still full before i sleep (maybe it is because i sleep so late at like 1pm but i have no idea). When i wake up the indigestion is so bad i can't even stomach water.

But what i would suggest is you are very worried and stressed and this can cause IBS and worsen it overtime . Also, it may be an infection in your stomach, many people say probiotic tablets have helped a lot to fight against bad bacteria which is what im trying at the moment. One you see the gastroenterologist, they are likely to do many tests , for me they did an MRI and x-ray of my bowel and took blood tests. apparently, i had severe constipation which caused the rest of my symptoms so this is likely to be the case for you too (i don't really know but we sound very similar in terms of our symptoms).

If you haven't been to the toilet, it must be a build up of hard stools, which explains why you can't eat something as light as soup which is the case for me too. I'm not sure whether your case is IBS or just sudden constipation, also the fact you have no appetite may worsen the situation because you are not eating much so there is no substance to move your stools along your bowel. I really hope the gastroenterologist can help you (mine was so useless and she didn't help me and i still get bad constipation and pains) but every person is different and you never know if it something more serious than IBS. And with the exercise, i used to run a lot but i went the other day and couldn't bare it, my stomach felt like it was going to explode or i was going to throw up so you really are not alone!

We can find a solution! dont worry! please don't stress too much , and i know it is easier said than done but i have been so depressed and as my mood gets lower and lower every day, my IBS has been so bad. SO please try and find the bright side, and i hope the doc can help you!

I really hope you don't need to suffer like this for much longer :(

good luck xxx

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RodC in reply to NailQueenxo

Hi :) Thankyou so much for replying :) So sorry to hear you are suffering too :( Not being able to enjoy the activities you used to love really sux :( I haven't been constipated or had diarreah for about a week since taking the Metamucil but my symptoms are worse than ever :( I had a plate of porridge this morning & 2 slices of raison toast & felt this terrible feeling in my diaphragm & felt really sick all morning :( I also feel like there is wind pain in my back at the sides. Most of my feelings are relentless so I do wonder whether it is IBS. Especially since taking the Metamucil I am going to the toilet reasonably normally. Just went to my doctor. I have a history of anxiety so he puts it down to anxiety. It feels more physical to me. He has had me on zoloft for about 10 days & put me on another tablet today as well. I asked him whether I should see a gastroenologist but he thinks I would be wasting my time. Wish I could see one. My digestive system feels so out of whack. It just doesn't feel like it is working properly & I don't feel 100%. I have never had any physical problems in my life. Mainly just psychological ones so this is really getting me down. I am so used to being active. I just so want to get my health back & do some renos & exercise. Also I am getting another blood test done which tests a lot more things. Lady at the pathology said lactose & gluten were included. My first symptoms came on me about a month after I stopped taking some anti-anxiety meds I was on for years. The first signs were when I was really worried one night about something to the point of where your stomach churns & the next day I was full of wind & was like that for about a week every morning. I'd go to the toilet & all I would blow out was wind. This is why I am so worried I have IBS as it is brought on by stress. Just wish I knew what was wrong with me. It takes a while for these meds to kick in so have to wait & see how it goes. Don't know what I'll do if they don't work. I can't keep living like this :( I do know though I have never been more stressed in my life so hopefully the meds will help me. Haven't been able to sleep so this new pill he has given me is supposed to help with that :) Have you tried anti-anxiety meds for your stress? What about Metamucil 3 times a day for your constipation? I have been going nearly everyday & it always seems to come out smooth so this is why I wonder whether I have IBS? I just wish I never stopped my other meds :( I was going pretty well before that. Still had a bit of anxiety but they got me by. Everything has gone downhill ever since :( Thanks again for replying :) So hope you find a solution to a lot of your problems & worries also! What is your name? Would love to keep in touch with how you're going :) Rod xxx

I'm sorry to hear how much you're suffering Rod. When my IBS first began I spent between 2-3 weeks feeling sick, having nausea, stomach pain, I could barely eat and was generally down. This was the beginning and it developed into IBS-D. I'm not nauseous every day or have constant stomach pains etc but at times those symptoms do arise again and then go. Unfortunately the D refuses to disappear.

The symptoms tend to appear again if I'm ever constipated from taking too much Imodium so maybe if you're not going properly these are the typical symptoms you would have with constipation?

Have you tried laxatives or high fibre food to see if you can go properly and then maybe the symptoms you're having will pass?

There is usually other tests you will have to check it's not anything else before being diagnosed with IBS so hopefully you're doctor will go through these with you and you will find out the problem so you can be helped :)

I hope all goes well x

Hi Jasmine :) Thankyou so much for your reply :) So sad to hear you're going through a such a hard time too :( I don't even know if I have IBS. That is the worst thing not knowing what is wrong with me. I have a history of anxiety. Went to the doc today. He thinks my symptoms are all anxiety. He put me on Zoloft 10 days ago but not doing anything so far :( I haven't been able to sleep so he gave me another anti-depressant for that. So hope it helps me sleep better. No sleep certainly doesn't help the digestive system. I have been having Metamucil 3 times a day for about a week. Since then I have been going to the toilet reasonably normally. It always comes out smooth but is always pellet like. This is why I am not sure if I have IBS. It's never constipated or diarreah but if I didn't have the Metamucil it probably would be. My symptoms all started about a month after I stopped taking these anti-anxiety meds I was on for years. I was really worrying about something to the point where my stomach was churning. The next day I was full of wind in the morning. I would go to the toilet & just blow out a heap of wind. That went on for about a week. That is why I think I have IBS as it is brought on by stress. I do know I have never been more stressed or run down than I am now. Not eating, sleeping & worrying about all this :( I did want to see a gastroenterologist but the doc thinks it would be a waste of time. I feel like at the moment I want every test under the sun. He does want me to get another blood test that tests a lot more things. I was worried whether I am lactose or gluten intolerant so will be good to get those checked. It just seems like such a long process. I just so want to feel better & worry whether I ever will again. It's been 4 weeks of hell so far :( I would give up everything I own at the moment to go back to normal! If ever I get through this I will so appreciate life so much more & definitely make the most of it more! What sort of other tests would you recommend me to get done? Thankyou so much for replying to me. It feels so much better being able to talk to some one :) would love to keep in touch with you & see how you're doing :) Rod xxx

Hi Rod I am so sorry to hear of your digestive troubles and resulting anxiety. My symptoms,are similar to yours, although the pain comes through the night for me but not so much during the day. I would say you are still constipated if you pass pellets, even if they come out smooth. Just because there is no straining doesn't mean there is no constipation. I've tried all sorts of laxatives and high fibre diet and nothing has solved this. My latest thing I'm trying is avoiding wheat (even though I've been tested and am not caeliac) as I've read an interesting book called Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis. He has,done interesting research and claims that all the modified wheat products we eat cause no end of health problems, including digestive ones. Why don't you read it, especially if you are having to lay around in pain a lot. I wish you well. Try to hang on in there and tell yourself there ARE reasons and solutions out there, its just that we haven't found them yet!

Hi rod

Hope things are improving buddy

You've got to break the anxiety cycle.......your words are,pouring it out as you speak to us.......we sense it and send our thoughts to,you

Calmer mind will start the process ......the body is reacting to,your mind has no choice.....

Firstly get the matter what it takes need the evidence to then make some firm decisions in what you must ,do,to beat this thing

Then start from the ground a firm foundation step,by step and slowly......small,steps will be a rocky ride but tell,yourself it will get better !

Hope,it works,out for,you buddy


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