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Stomach cramps and anal throbbing after emptying bowels

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I have been diagnosed with IBS for 11 years. I just wanted to ask if anyone with IBS gets the same problem as me and what specifically could be causing it.

Everytime after I empty my bowels, I am left with an extremely sore tummy with cramps and anal throbbing for about half an hour to an hour or so after using the toilet. I feel so uncomfortable and sore that I have to lay down on my side in bed for that half an hour to an hour laying on different sides throughout.

Does anyone knowwhat could be causing this and what could help? 

Thank you.  

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Hot water bottle and move around when you ca face it

I get this.   Having bowel movement doesn't change anything for me.  It hurts whether I go or not.

Best to you!

Probably caused by spasms of the bowel itself. Do you feel that your bowel has been emptied completely? I find the pain is worse if there's a feeling that there's still something up there.

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Hi yeah, I do feel as though it is fully emptied yes, I am just so so sore and I have to lay down after every bowel movement. I go about two to three times a day normally, sometimes once a day

I often feel worse after a BM. I think it is the bowel going into some sort of spasm, my doctor suggested Mebeverine. It does help a bit, sometimes I just have to sit quietly & wait for it to go but it can take 6 - 8 hours. It's not a pain, more of an uncomfortable feeling for me.

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Naturegirl22 in reply to Mc89

Okay thanks,

I will go to the doctors and ask them about it then.

IBS-D? or other? 


I have had those types of symptoms - usually when I try too hard to go and not try to remain as calm as possible to get past the bout I am having.

you might wan to change how you go, it might help with symptoms post bowel movements.

I will try but it usually doesn't make much difference.

It might be to do with my stress levels, diet, underactivity and being obese too as well as my underactive thyroid 

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear of your suffering. Are you doing anything about your thyroid? I had under active thyroid. I did not realise this hormone plays a part in digestion. I now take thyroxin and my ridiculously awful anal pain is now pretty rare and a lot less severe.

It is a comfort to have this forum and know others suffer with anal spasm. I use ibuprofen when it's ridiculously bad, along with a warm wheat bag and a topical anaesthetic cream prescribed by my gp. Thanks for your post as I feel inspired to write about my own anal pain which I think is a massive taboo.

You're welcome.

I am on 75mg Levothyroxine daily, I just had my latest blood test which is the first in 7 months which showed my Levothyroxine needed to be reduced slightly.

I am glad to hear that you rarely experience your pain now :)

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