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any one tried viberzi for ibs -d ??

any one tried viberzi for ibs -d ??

hi there ! has any one tried Viberzi for ibs-d type ??

it is a new drug just released to the markets in may 2015 and is still only in the U.S  .

it is a prescription drug not one that can be bought on the counter and costs around  1150 $ so it is not a cheap one .

if any body had try it please submit your review as i consider taking it after watching my life fall apart due to ibs / OCD horrible combination diseases 😳😳😳

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I was given this and I am honestly afraid to try it based on new meds always kicking my butt worse that my symptoms. And that is saying something. 

As you say it is brand new and very expensive I convinced my Dr to get me free samples. I am done trying new meds for big money only to not use them after they destroy me. 

I asked this same question here and do not think I got any replies as it is so new. 

Might be worth a try as that is what it is specifically designed for. 


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