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Help !!

I went to the doctors the other day about bleeding in the back passage she said everything looked fine and said I had a little fissure but I'm constantly getting my Anus burning and leaky bowell it's also a fowel smell ! But l night u ha green stool never had it before never ate any vegetables or anything so sent me into panic mode thinking I have bowell cancer I'm a 25 year old male 

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Have you had any bismuth or Pepto Bismol?  That can turn your stool a blackish-greenish colour.


No I've no had anything like that they're back to like a tanned brown colour but always different shapes lol 


Join the club have pain in middle of belly too just been through a set of looking in each end of me top was ok bottom wasnt clear enough so think need to do again they said! like it's not emptying inside? as both times had it but get it going very pale colour and stinks foul worse than somethings died inside!

Also if leave in pan while later bottom half of water is a dark colour!

I also get what feels like food not going down/sitting on chest often then go through when it's bad feel ill/chilly then bad pains then the runs all the while feeling crap.

Do have Raynauds&Fibro para medic said looked like i had CFS when had collapse? but was wondering if to do with getting very tired though?

Have asked about Lupus as get the ulcers in nose/mouth hair falls out and base of nails is red/shiney plus burn really quickly in the sun as day like good friday people think been on the med for a month! but did get red thing across cheeks and nose goes next day or so though.

But quack said no! did a test in the war/1915 lol funny though as chatting to specialist other day on something else they asked me about other things and they said takes quite a while to diagnose lupus yet Quacks think like a car plug in and tells you there and then? yet if that easy why then F can't they sort things out for others?

like one they said have indigestion repeatedly gave them gaviscon etc turns out had throat cancer by then way too late! and that's just one of quite a few i know about.


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