Pepto Bismol

Does anyone use pepto bismol to control there IBS D if so does it help?? Im desperate and I was told to try it by someone but i read it contained sorbic acid and i thought it was the same as ascorbic acid so i said no as it screws me up but they are 2 different things not saying its guarenteed to help but i would just like more opinions before wasting more money

Thanks very much

Sam x

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  •  It helps my gut pain but doesn't do anything for my diarrhea.  Liquid is more effective than pills.

  • ahh thank you pity it doesnt tho thank you so its worth trying then thanks x

  • Always stops me up... But makes your poo black so beware. Also if you can find cap lets rather than chews it stops your tongue going black and chalkiness in your mouth. X

  • thanks for your reply :) x

  • I think it has aspirin in it too ?? 

  • will check it out thank u x

  • Pepto Bismol helps me get past the unstoppable part sometimes. Worth a shot. Just remember that you should not use pepto bismol of you are allergic to aspirin. Best of luck. 

  • na i dont think i am but i havent looked up the ingredients in the medicine but thanks for that will check first x

  • I don't think it stops my diarrhoea, but it does calm down the pain, acid & nausea, so mabie worth a try, mabie just take half the dose recommend to start & see how it affects you. X

  • ahh ok thats what i need really something to calm the spasms thank u tho will do x

  • I've recently come across alverine citrate (UK brand name is Spasmonal). My doc gave me a prescription to help stop cramps... As the name suggests, It's an antispasmodic generally given for ibs and girly issues.

    Other things I've tried and used in the past include mebeverine, Imodium plus, codeine phosphate (for emergencies and acute pain) and I am now on Colesevelam (cholestrymine) for bile acid malabsorption (bile salt malabsorption) which has symptoms the same as ibs-d - the drug helps to slow down the urgent runs after eating by binding the bile and preventing it aggravating the lining of the gut.

    Hope this info helps someone

    K X

  • Thank u Kirstie really appreciate it ive tried them all codeine does stop the spasms but not sure if I want to take it long term dont know what the effects would be. The last time I went to the gastroentrologists I did get a prescription of Questran light but before that he said abot taking codeine and I said no because of the addiction and things but mayb I will say yes next time I go back but it does make me spaced out which i dont mind being but with my job you have to be on the ball sorta thing so yer not sure if i could function on them long term x

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