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Hello can i please ask does anyone know of an antidepressant that i can take that doesnt contain any lactose or sugar alcohols in them or ascorbic acid but helps people that have IBS-D ??

Im very depressed at the moment everyones taking the mick out of me saying I smell and its really pissing me off so i went to my doctors and have tried so many different medications and nothing has helped im just always so miserable and feeling suicidal atm I cant take it anymore. Im told its stress related IBS I changed my job for a much better job and moved house but im still sufferering most people look at me in disgust i wish i was dead.

I get the piss taken out of me at work where everyone knows i have IBS i just cant take it anymore.  Ive tried amitryptiline, veneflaxine well effexor, and then fluoexetine lasted a day and other ssris but they cause more more diarreah as there for people with ibs c

Ive also been diagnosed with a severe vitamin d defiecency in which i took fultium d3 capsules and they gave me a severe stomach ache yesterday and today and have seen they contain glycerol so im back to square one ive just had enough

I usually just live of immodium


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  • Hi,

    Sorry, unfortunately I can't give you any help with anti-depressants as I've never taken them, but as you seem to have uncontrolled diarrhoea, I wondered if you'd ever had a SeHCAT test for bile acid disorder or been given a medication to try called cholestyramine or Questran.


  • Yes I have the test came back negative and the sachets didnt do much took 2 of them for a week screwed me up more ended up taking immodium because of it. Yes its annoying specially as im told im doing everything right and still sufferering im at a loss thanks tho appreciate you replying :) sam x

  • ... just one more bash, do you have any lower back problems?

  • na not anymore when i was younger i had lower back pain and was told more my discs rubbed together they called it mild spondlitis or something like that and i had to take really strong meds and have physio on it but since then aside from lackin vitamin D where yes i have back pain but ive put it down to that not really anymore

  • Okay, well I'm glad you don't have that to put up with as well!

    My train of thought was that some of the nerves in the lumbar spine innervate the organs in the pelvic cavity and can cause all sorts of bowel problems.

    I hope you find some help soon.

  • yer me to its like i thought my ibs would get better but it doesnt seem to matter what i do i still suffer which is really weird i thought my me eating healthily following low fodmap gluten free dairy free that i would be ok but obvs nt im missing something i just dont know what and it doesnt help working with people who dont understand yer i undertand what your saying but no isnt that i dont think thanks tho x

  • Hi texty89 I have ibs d and also take Imodium, but also take calcium with vit d tabs 500g twice a day inbetween. It helps to "bind the bm" don't buy calcium with magnesium tho, also I'm ok to eat soluble fibre but no insoluble fibre foods hope it helps x lin61

  • Hi lin61 thanks for ur reply i will look into that the doc said my calcium levels were ok but my vitamin d levels werent i read that there could be a link with ibs n vitamin d defiency if this helps you its worth trying tho tbh i dont really eat much anymore i try and follow lowfodmap diet so pretty much cut out all highfodmaps and cut out gluten and dairy i just dont understand it i have looked and seen tho that liquid caps contain a polyol glycerol and thats what i use so maybe i have to try and find something else that doesnt contain it thanks tho x

  • Immodium contains lactose so you're not doing yourself any favours

    You must see a doctor and make sure that something is done - you can always ask for a second opinion

  • some of them dont i use the ibs relief capsules or the normal liquid capsules and they usually calm me down but sometimes they dont and you are a bloody genius now i no why they dont because they contain glycerol jeez why is it that anything that can help contains sugar alcohol i need to do some research and see if there is anything out there for ibs d that doesnt have anything in them believe me when i say this ive gone back to the doctor seen gastroentrologists and dieticians all put it down to stress related ibs but thank u :)

  • As an alternative to try and get rid of IBS, look on Mary Roe's website (she treats IBS), it's very interesting.

    I hope it gets better for you and understand - I have had terrible, smelly wind for 3 days now but am just about to embark on following Mary's advice.

    Best of luck

  • Hello Crazy fitness thanks for your reply i will look into it thank u x

  • I have been on Pristiq for many years.  I started takng Viberzi 5 weeks ago and I feel like a new person...actually feel normal...trying hard not be be obsessed with IBS any more.

  • unfortunately ive tried effexor thats veneflaxine took that for 4 weeks and just made me worse and had loads of side effects sweating nausea made me put on weight fatigue even tho it went away i didnt feel it was working maybe i stopped it before i should of but i couldnt function on it which was annoying

    can we get that in the uk the viberzi i heard about it but i didnt think it was in this country yet? Thanks x

  • It came out in January in the US.  I had been on Lotronex for years which helped but I never had a normal stool.  This medication has completely normalized me.  I get fearful that I will get too constipated, but I haven't.  Enteregam is helpful as well.  Pristiq works better for me than Effexor.  You have to give it several weeks. (I'm a psych nurse)

  • @cabigehead may I ask which medication  normalized you ..did you mean the Viberzi or the Lotronex ???

  • I took Lotronex for years, found that I still had urgency        and frequency but my stool was very hard on 0.5mg 2/day.  The Viberzi is giving me a normal stool most of the time, I have a little urgency in the morning but I don't go as frequently and feel great the rest of the day.

  • That's good news that you feel better with viberzi ..are there any side effects like dizziness or euphoria  feeling ??

    I have the bottle with me but still afraid to start taking it because  of the many negative feedback back that I read on the

  • No side effects other than being fearful I will get too constipated.  If I haven't gone in 2 days I eliminate the Enteregam until I go.  I worry about everything but I am getting more comfortable with the idea of not going so often.  You should try it!

  • I should  definitely  give it a try ..Thank  you  for your reply :)

  • I also take a pack of Enteregam in the morning and night.

  • ive never heard of this i will look it up thank u x

  • You need to talk to a psychiatrist and tell them you have those food allergies and they will make sure to prescribe one for you that is fine. It does tend to help with stomach nerve issues. :-) 

  • Yer i believe mine are so sensitive not surprised as im so stressed but i will try im not sure if they can give me anything else as when the doc prescribes something he always asks me to check what i can have as the ingedients dont come up on the screen hence so many failed attempts of medications and as the only tablets that calm your stomach down are tcas and they either contain lactose or sorbitol or something else that ends in ol stuff i cant take unfortunately i wish i could just rewind back to before IBS thank u tho x

  • I would encourage you to try some breathing techniques, some natural methods instead of relying on medicines. I have been going through IBS since last 3 years now and I found it so stressful at times. I practice SKY breathing (you can google about SKY breathing) everyday regularly and it brings down my stress level, which eventually helps me to deal with IBS. Sometimes I don't even feel that I have IBS. It is very powerful breathing exercise that harmonizes the body with mind. I learnt this technique at the art of living. It can definitely get you out of depression and eventually IBS. You can read my story, you may find something useful:

  • I will look this up thank you yes ive suffered the last 6 years i thought by now i would of gotten something that i would be able to at least manage my IBS but it just seems to be getting worse no matter what i try or what i eat how annoying!! x

  • I can understand. I thought the same. Try this SKY breathing exercises, I am sure it will help you. It has helped millions around the world, you can check it out:

    Give it a go!

  • Hi Texty89, if you can see your doctor, ask about taking Citalopram. It is a fast acting antidepressant and it does not affect my stomach. Hope this helps. 

  • ive tried it and stayed on it for like a week it was horrible i took 20mg and my stomach went mad and i threw up that was before i was diagnosed with lactose intolerance ive tried amitriptyline, tablet, lactose free tablet version which contained gluten so messed my gut up and liquid version, citalopram, fluoexetine, effexor which is veneflaxine and sertraline again lasted 2 days screwed my stomach up ive had enough thanks tho x

  • Hello, I take Propranolol for mild anxiety and it really works for me, and helps the IBSd as well. I am lactose intolerant and when I ready the ingredients it did contain lactose, BUT Dr said take and try and see what happens, it is such a small dose, and I had no ill effects from it, just positive ones.

    I hope you find something soon, IBS is the worse and worrying and anxiety really does not help, can you go to a boss about being bullied? I have been there, I left in the end as my health was suffering, feel loads better now :)


  • Hi Myrtle81 thanks for your reply i havent tried that yet but the lactose in the contraceptive pill screws me up so that prob would as well not sure its a pity its on prescription coz now im labelled lactose intolerant they wont prescribe me anthing that contains it so i couldnt  even try but it really does screw me up so yer. Not really its my boss that does bully me I wish i could leave thanks glad u feel better tho and have found something that helps you :) x

  • I feel sorry for you as your complains reflects mine. i am winding contionously, now i bought shreddies underwears but i used them today i felt there were some leakage.

    also ave used flat d pads to filter but they were good just for a short time. 

    Suicide is not a solution dear lets do something to make the people consider us as normal.

    For me when am in Europe or Asia i feel treated well than my continent \Africa because they laugh at me and am planning to expose my situation in tv so that everyone can understand.

  • try the antihistamin Ebastel or in other countries  Ebastine ..start with the low dose 10 mg ..if it is not effective  enough go to 20 mg .

    This thing shifted me from constant diarrhea  to constipation ..which was actually  my intention to stay a couple  of  days  without (going ) I wanted to get some relief from the bathroom  prison life sentence  😩😩

  • Is this available in the UK  thanks for your reply x

  • @texty89

    i think so is maybe available in the U.K ..check out the link above is an article about it published in the (dailymail ) news paper 

  • Yer that article says it's from Belgium which unfortunately is Germany I will keep an eye out for it though thanks x

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