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Pelvic pain and ibs


Please if anyone gets right sided low pelvic pain and almost into groin it would be great to hear from you.

Drs all say lower left for ibs so I worry. Recently had pelvic ultrasound which was clear but i suffer with health anxiety so I am scared. I have been helped so much by people on here but just need some reassurance I am not mad. Have had ibs for years. My gynae said there is a valve there but did not explain and i was so scared did not ask

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I think you must mean the ileocecal valve. If you Google it, you'll find various physio websites where they show how to massage it open and closed.


villages2 in reply to Hidden

Hi rosie218,

Just googled ileocecal valve n was amazed at wot I read.

Everyone should read about it , I believe it will help people understand their possible symptoms.

While I know medical issues can be hard to talk about, but it is something you really should feel comfortable to do with your Dr. My Dr. thinks I am either trying to take his job or will not shut up when i ask questions.

I think Dr's tend to be get you in and out and pay the bills, sadly the system does nto help this...

If you are uncomfortable talking to your Dr - get a new one there are many out there, and find one you like and can talk too.

Health Anxiety is totally normal, I bet most of us here have it.

I have felt bad for some long that when I feel ok for part of a day it makes me think what is wrong more than what is right.

Your not alone, trust me...

Hi, know exactly what you mean, my new gastro registrar reffered me the an abdo and pelvic cat scan, that I had 2 days ago. My next appointment is July so could be a while before the results. However will reply again.

By the way do you also get pain in pubic bones and rectal area?

Good luck


Tks to everyone for replying but does anyone get this right lower pelvic pain with ibs as


Yes I get exactly the same pain in the same place. I also had an abdominal and pelvic scan and was told that nothing showed up. Then my doctor told me the pain was being caused by trapped nerves in my back, because I have an arthritic spine. I am on extended holiday abroad at the mo and am really worried because I now have a lump in that area and think I may have a hernia or some kind of prolapse because it is quite uncomfortable. I had a hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair 6 years ago. I have also been diagnosed with IBS after a clear colonoscopy but this right side low pain has been with me on and off for well over a year .

Hi. I get exactly the same pain too. I had a colonoscopy but my bowel looked ok so then I worried it was my ovaries or swollen glands. Had scans etc and nothing showed up. I think is to do with the ileocecal valve too. My pain often flares up when I have eaten certain foods such as onion, garlic by accident or too much tomato. I find drinking a hot drink at night with lots of fresh ginger and a little lemon juice helps soothe my bowel.

I wouldn't panic I get it as well , I went to outpatients emergency thinking I ha got something serious but doctor told me probably something to do with small intestines IBS related comes and goes had it now for 4years, pain lower right almost in my groin , hope this helps


iv had rhs/groin pain for over 20 years. mainly due to ibs. this area is vulnerable to me as iv had appendix removed as a child, a hernia fix about 15 years ago. scar tissue always vulnerable. ibs pain can appear just about anywhere, i used to get it where your jeans back pocket is-like a knife being stuck into you. its called referred pain.

back and side spasms also common.hope this gives you peace of mind.

hope you soon feel better.

got ibs today-probably tomatoes i eat at friends lunch.too polite to leave as they had gone to so much trouble to give me a tasty onion mushroom free meal.


Yes I have the same similar symptoms, have been told I have colitis after having tests, have found out I have a wheat allergy, I control mine by watching what I eat, also taking probiotics helps. I also think stress does not help. Trying hard to avoid steroids. Also have a under active thyroid which makes it difficult loosing weight.

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