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Newly diagnosed and in pain, please help!

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Hi there,

Could anyone give me any advice on pain relief? I was diagnoased last year with what they think is IBS C (I had a clear colonoscopy, endoscopy and stool and stomach samples. Also had MRI of ovaries and all clear)

I was also diagnoased with Joint Hypermobility at the same time.

I was taking Amytriptiline which really helped with pain and I was pain free for nearly 5 months until recently :( I have had to wean myself off over the last 4 weeks from amytriptyline as I want to try to have a baby soon and my GP has said I cannot take amytriptyline anymore.

My pains have come back so strong (wind, bloating, pelvic and back burning pain, left side near hip pain, stomach feels like its burning, constantly wanna pee and feel like I need to pass wind but I cant)

I am trying to be very good with my diet but could anyone recommend anything for pain relief?

Thanks in advance :-) Trying to stay positive!! xx

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Hi Tinker...For a few years I was prescribed Ranitidine but eventually had to change. Doctor suggested Gaviscon, which works like magic for my reflux and Gabapentin for the aches and pains You must ask your doctor if that might help... Good luck trying for a little one.....

Thanks very much, I will be sure to ask :)

My doctor just recently gave me Gabpatatin. How long did it take it to work? Best to you - Jenny

Hi Jenny... Fortunately I benefited from the Gabapanten fairly soon after taking it four times a day,...sadly not everyone responds to it in the same way... In today's market there must be an analgesic that will give relief to I.B.S sufferers like us, without there being serious side effects... Keep you chin up. (Same to all my fellow IBS friends) take each day as it comes... x

I started taking it January 25th. I haven't seen any improvement. Have a friend that takes it for diabetic nerve pain ; she says it takes a least a month. I have tried so medications that haven't worked. It's discouraging. Thanks

With trying to have a baby you will probably have to be careful with what medication you chose to help with the pain especially if you fall. Talk to your gp about what's safe and what isn't... I found peppermint tea was helpful with any abdominal pain and you can get it in capsules too. Buscopan is designed to help with general ibs pains such as wind, bloating and cramps (there's cheaper brands too). Even a local pharmacist could probably give you some good advice :-) good luck

Fingers crossed for you lovely! during both my pregnancies my IBS symptoms eased greatly and I found I could tolerate all sorts of foods that I couldn't normally. The female body is capable of wonderful and amazing things, and has a unique way of 'shutting things off/out' for the time it's a bit busy making a baby and you may find things a bit easier for a time in that regard.

I hope you're as lucky as I was!!!!

K xxx


I have many similar symptoms, so I can tell you what works for me. I'm not sure of your diet, but I've found that cutting out 95 percent of gluten (I still have the odd bowl of porridge) has helped me immensley. Also, I cut out most dairy. I still eat Greek yogurt and some occasional hard cheese. I eat a lot of quinoa and buckwheat (had to learn how to cook). My two emergency drinks lemon water and Apple cider vinegar with warm water and set honey (for when i have a flare up about every two weeks)Pretty much a whole foods diet, also cut out pork but still eat chicken and beef. I have joint pain as well and what I am eating does affect how I cope.

I am still going through the mill of tests, but I am wanting to have more children as well so am trying to handle it as natural as possible. This is what keeps me happy enough (I was severely sick everyday before this including joint pains). I seriously can't afford to eat anything that comes processed or I am back to square one (ate one of my daughter's organic gingerbread man biscuits and paid for it with two days of sickness.)

Sorry that it's all diet, but when your preggers, there's little that you can take. Stay away from processed sugars too!

So happy for you! This sickness is a learning curve, that's for sure.

Thanks everyone so much!! I'm just trying to grin and bear it :) I know coming off my tablets has massively kicked up a flare of epic proportions!! Thanks for all the advice and I'll be looking into (and trying!) all your recommendations xx

I wholeheartedly endorse the Apple Cider Vinegar, must be raw and organic, with the ' Mother ' , I take it twice daily, and have found it

works well, but it doesnt work for everyone. Actually, you can look it

up on Google, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar see what you think.

How does the Apple Cider Vinegar help you? I was taking it; a couple of years ago and can't remember why I stopped.

How much apple cider should you take?? Xx

Hi I take 1/2 tablespoons depending on how I feel, I put a little cold water

in and top up with hot water, about half a normal glass size. I add honey

to taste. Its an aquired taste. I have been taking it since September and

I definately feel that its helped me enormously and wouldnt be without it.

I take it before breakfast and before my evening meal. I have read on this site that some people feel it is no help at all, so its trial and error like most

things. If you Google it you will find lots of information, I do find Braggs

to be the best.

Hope it helps.

Hi.I did have similar problems, I see my Doctor who diagnosed appendicitis, went to hospital, had tests but was sent home with antibiotics, (this has happend 5 times) sometimes I just give up.

Yep it's hard to stay positive.!

Take care


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