Mirena coil and ibs


I have ibs c also suspected endometriosis, so back in December I had a mirena coil fitted I was told it would take a few months to settle down,since the coil has been fitted I have had really bad cramps and constipation (I take magnesium daily)but it doesn't seem to be helping this time.Has anyone got any advice and also does it settle down after a few months,I have read a lot of posts and they all seem negative,so hopefully someone will have some good advice for me.

Thanks treez

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  • Hi,

    I have constipation due to contraception ( have no hormone coil now),

    I've found that tablets long term aren't feesible- either stop working or it's dangerous. Also doesn't let your bowel 'heal'.

    I eat two spoons of chia seeds each morning. They're cheap- £3 per kg. double the soluble fibre of bran!

    Soak in water for 15 mins before eating

  • Hi

    Thanks I will give them a try.


  • I had this coil fitted due to the most awful periods- in my case it only took about 3 months to settle and was well worth it compared to what I had been going through every month. I now don't notice it... I guess it's horses for courses, what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit someone else, and it's a case of whether it's better than the alternative! I don't think it affects my ibs - good luck with it!

  • Great thanks,I am going to stick with it and hopefully it will settle down in time.I was just really curious to hear from other people that have been through the same.


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