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tired now !

hi there, ive posted on here a fair bit and always find it helps me when im in a bad spell. im 18, and as a result of IBS-c and severe anxiety, i cant study or work. last year i had the biggest flare-up and ended up in hospital on several occasions. After about 5 or so months of this, i gathered that anxiety was the root to my problems. usually i find that meditation and the like make my symptoms almost non-existent (along with anti-depressants) but around mid-week last week i came down with another flare-up after a tough conversation with my dad. its not as bad as last time, as i now know how to handle it, but its hard to feel in control in these situations! for me, the actual constipation isnt a problem, its the nausea, headaches, weakness, instability/shakiness and anxiety attacks that come with it. as it stands, ive been up since 4am feeling like im going to vomit (actually did end up being sick a few days ago so it could happen!) and generally feeling sorry for myself. i dont feel that this is a mental thing, though, today feels more like its a direct result of the constipation, if that makes sense?

anyway i dont know where i was going with this, i think i just needed to get it out. ibs can feel so lonely and its hard to believe its a real thing, surely nothing this awful could be ignored by doctors to the extent that it is? i struggle to feel like theres any way out of it, even temporarily, as im sure a lot of you do too !

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I have read your post,and am so sorry that you are suffering this problems at such a very young age..I too have some of these problems, but I am a very old lady and it's easier for me to come to terms with them, most days..But when you are young and all your friends are probably unable to understand how difficult is for you when they have no conception of how you feel, it must make life even more distressing.

I have no medical advice or knowledge to give to someone so young just kind thoughts and sincere hope that soon there will be more medical understanding of this very distressing situation and that there are many many happier days for you in the near future

Take care and enjoy the good days when possible..I am sure eventually things will be easier for you to cope with



Hi,try taking magnesium citrate tablets for your C,I tried many things over the years and these were lifesavers,I take 400mg before bed,you can take more if needed,start off low and work up till you find dose thats suits you.

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Hi pseudenim, I like Hather feel for you. I am glad you wrote the post, it is good to share your feelings with others that understand how IBS can make us feel. I to, post on here regularly and it is nice to know that there are others that understand.

I hope you feel better very soon xx

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Oh my goodness, your story is almost like reading about myself when I was in my 20's and 30's, I'm in my 50's now. I went through a few years of anxiety and stress cause by the relationship I had with my mum - I learnt a few years later that it was my alcoholic brother causing these problems but I didn't know it at the time. Luckily enough quite a while before my mum died I built the relationship back up, although it was hard as my sister was also causing problems.

The stressful period lasted for a fair few years and I used to wake up at night, feeling like I was going to throw up, sit on the bathroom floor by the toilet. Then I used to go and get the bucket and take it in the lounge with me and just sit there for around 2 to 3 hours sipping hot water - hot water is very good for settling the stomach. Cider Vinegar and Honey is also good for settling a stomach. Unfortunately this went on until my relationship with my mum had improved. Also, I have a fear of being sick (I'm a lot better now as I've had hypnotherapy for that but am still a little fearful but it's no longer ruining my life) so that didn't help matters.

I am so much better now and mainly just suffer from painful trapped wind and get bloated - I very rarely feel sick.

I hope that this helps as I haven't suffered with this for a very long time and I'm almost 100% sure that your problems are stress.

I hope you improve very soon.

Best of luck

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