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Alcohol ,Christmas and IBS

HI Everyone,

Just a note of update , to say Imodium was a good choice and Christmas day went well and free of any IBS symptoms.

I have to admit , due to feeling well , I had a little too much food and drink and I am paying for this over indulgence a little to-day-- but not too bad.

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday .


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Glad to hear your Christmas went well and that the payback isn't too severe. You need to enjoy yourself every once in awhile.

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Hi , runswithdogs,

Thanks for reply. Someone replied to my earlier post on this subject, saying that they used Imodium before travelling , holiday flights etc.

I intend to use this method in the future . I am not sure Imodium would be something that I would wish to use on a daily basis but as it worked so well ,I think it has to be worth using for any special occasion, where IBS D might be a show stopper.

It might cause a bit of constipation for a day or so but much better than being the other way --especially if on an aeroplane or such like.

Thanks again


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Hi Will,

So glad my suggestion to take Imodium got u through xmas day.

Yes, take it when you have travelling to do. It's the only time I use Imodium, not on a regular basis but if planning day out or similar.

Hope u have a good New Year's Eve n day, I'll be getting my Imodium ready !!

Enjoy. Best wishes ' villages2.


Hi villages2,

Thanks again, it was a great idea . I had used Imodium before and way back Kaolin and morphine ,when it was readily available but always after the event , which is really too late.

Using in advance did the trick , I had not tried that.

Incidentally , I once had some Codine tablets , I think they were codine phosphate , also had Co-Codomol tablets for back pain.

Not good- unless you want to block yourself up for ever !!

Thanks again , this should hopefully remove future travel anxiety and perhaps some other sufferers will also try and benefit.



Yes, remember kaolin n morphine, we may be the same generation !! 1950 !!

Another thing I use for tummy aches, as I call them, is baby colic/gripe water.increase dosage by 3, gentle on the tummy as well.

I believe in trying everything, wot suits me might not suit everyone. Good luck.


Hi Will1234

Glad everything went well for you and you had good Christmas, I've used Imodium too (it is nice to have peace of mind) , how much did you take? I was trying to use it daily because of work, with just quarter tablet am and pm which did seem to work, but a little too much maybe. I was wondering maybe half just in morning.

I'm also trying Apple cider vinegar suggested by shirlygirly which also seems to be working! Have you tried it?



hi Lin61,

I took 2 Imodium tablets mid morning and went out to family PM had Christmas dinner , wine with meal and a few vodka and Pepsi drinks. No hint of any IBS problems and enjoyed playing a few games etc.

My symptoms had not been good recently so I had been dreading a bad day and probably feeling that it might spoil the day, but it was all fine and has more or less remained ok.

I am retired but when I worked , I used to take Kaolin & Morphine mixture ,which you could get from any Chemist shop. Now Imodium seems to be the No 1 treatment. I used to worry regular intake would cause more long term problems but I made it to work on days when it was a problem. The alternative would have been off-sick and that would have been a major problem -so just kept on taking the jolup. I did this for 30 years . All very stressful-I know.

I can understand your issue but cannot really advise on dosage. I would have thought the dose you are currently taking is not too excessive but who knows long term. I would think that if you are not having D problems and not blocking your system and having C , you should be ok. As far as I know Imodium works by slowing the workings of guts down , so probably trial and error to find the right dose for your personal needs is all you can do. I would try some days without though, in order that your system works naturally and does not become totally reliant on the med.

Please remember, I was an Accountant not a doctor so just my thoughts and experiences. Hope this is of some help.


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Thanks Will

Yes I think I do need to experiment with dose and yes I don't take any on days off, I watch what eat and drink, I suppose I want "control" since my "accident" it's really knocked my confidence never mind, knowledge is power they say.

Thanks again for your time and advice

Happy 2016!



I find the day after imodium can be a nightmare. As in it would get me over the hump of one day only to block me up and then cause more symptoms.

But that is why ibs is such a jerk. It is so different for each person and how to relieve symptoms is and can be so different


I totally agree and would maybe go further and say it can even often be different for the same person on different days with different symptoms occurring.

I was lucky this time but maybe next time the results will not be so good.

Having said that, sometimes it is just essential to have something to get you through an event and not have a bad time, when it is going to be problematic.

We go abroad quite a few times a year and I get extremely stressed travelling, particularly at certain times of day and by aeroplane. Last month I had a painful gut coming back on a 4hr plus flight from Fuertaventura. At one point thought , have to get to the loo before this gets too urgent. Then when I get in the wee room , I cannot get anything to happen. Started thinking about how long I was taking and the queue outside. Abandoned the attempt and sat with sore gas pains and discomfort -not good. All this just causes more anxiety for next time.

We are away again in February, so I am hoping that taking Imodium in advance will work ---but who knows on the day. Travelling on any vehicle outwith your own control , is for me , a very stressful day and I have trouble not imagining all sorts of embarrassing scenarios. In this situation, gut pain if bearable is I think ,better than a full blown doze of D. This could be a whole new topic. Maybe there are other meds. people try to cope on a special day -like flying.

Good to chat.


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IBS D is horrible and I've had it for many years and it started when I was 22 after the birth of my second child. It stopped me doing many things like going on a plane, going out for meals etc. and I became agrophobic and had panic attacks because of the fear that I would get caught short. I don't think anyone can understand the effect it has on your life, your confidence and your mental wellbeing. For me the stress only made it worse.

I have never had any pain with it, just a sick churning tummy. Have had all the tests done over the years and have all come back clear and was told IBS.. The one thing that helped me more than anything after years of being put on antidepressants etc. was when I was 33 my health visitor actually explained what happens to your body when you have a panic attack with regards to adrenalin, fight or flight response, and taught me how to breathe my way out of a panic attack and stop the urgent "need the loo" situation. No-one had ever told me this before and just knowing that I could control it helped so much. Before long I would do the breathing automatically as soon as the sensation came on. It did not stop the early morning rush 2, 3 or 4 times, but I no longer went into a full blown panic attacks when I was out.

The other thing that has been a life saver for me is Imodium. I just wish I'd known about it years ago. If I'm going out for the day, I get the morning rush out of the way and then take 2 an hour before I go out and I can feel that gippy feeling melt away. If I'm having lunch out I take some instants and I'll usually have one just in case as sometimes it comes on after a meal. The same if I'm on holiday, going on a plane etc. You soon get to know how much you need and just having it with you takes away the worry which helps you relax and forget about it. You should check with your doctor if OK for you to take. Mine is quite happy that I take it as and when I need it so long as I don't take too many and bung myself up. I don't take it if I'm at home or just doing local normal stuff.

If you're scared to go out in case you have an accident, that's no way to live. If you have never tried it, check with your doctor and just try 1 in the morning and see how you go. I can go anywhere now without that constant worrying and life is so much better.


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