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IBS High School

Hey guys I just joined. So I am a freshman in high school, I found out I had IBS recently, but I have been having symptoms for 2 years now. School completely sucks. Ever since 8th grade I have been terrified to go to school. It's so embarrassing when your in a class with 30 students and it is dead quite and your stomach is making weird noises. I always feel so sick and get really bad cramps when it is bad. I have really good friends, but I feel like I can't hang out with anyone anymore. I've been depressed lately and my parents don't understand AT ALL. The only person who has been helping me is my cousin, but it sucks that my parents get mad when I say I don't feel good. I stayed home sick today, but last time I stayed home sick my dad punished me because he said I should have been at school. They don't understand how bad it is and most of the time I feel like I don't want to live anymore. I've been taking Imodium for 3 weeks now, and it's helping, but I still have terrible stomach aches. Most of the time I feel like a bunch of gas is trapped inside me and I get bad acid reflex so I feel like I'm going to throw up. Another thing is I'm lactose so that doesn't help. What do I say to my parents to make them understand that I'm not going to always feel good and sometimes I need to skip school? Somebody please help I can't deal with this anymore.

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Hi Becca, I am so sorry you are going through this so young, not everyone understands IBS and it confuses them, some might think oh it's just an upset stomache, get over it. But they don't understand the pain and embarrassment we go through every day, personally I find emodium causes problems for me, and as you say all the gut making gargling sounds, and they can get quite loud, I stopped taking Imodium for this reason and started taking Colpamin it's a peppermint Capsule, and watched what I ate. If you can try and keep a diary of what may be upsetting your bowel, also if tou are Lactose intolerant, I am afraid you need to read all ingredients, so it's free of Lactose. I made this same mistake only the other day by changing a cracker that I eat,and boy did I pay for it these last few days. Nearly everything has Lactose in it is Tablets coated with Lactose in fact all Meds , you must remember when taking any prescription drugs to check with Doc or Pharmacist

As for your Parents would they go to a Drs app with you, maybe the Doc could explain or give them some leaflets, or maybe you could print somthing fron the net to show them how bad you can get. And the dreaded feeling sick, that's a cruel one, but since trying Colpamin and staying away from sugar and Lactose not so bad now.if you decide to try Colpamin be aware some people it doesn't agree with, some pepper mints make things worse, but you don't know till you try.

Please don't feel like you no longer want to live, things will ease and they will get easier, you will find ways to cope and how to cope, it's a long road finding what's best for you in your diet, I would say if you are drinking Coke or similar drinks, try stopping those, and try alternative drinks, just watch for sugar.

I wish you all the best on your recovery and I hope things get better at School for you, let me know how you are from time to time.xxxx🙂🙂


Hey Becca. Sorry to hear you're having a rotten time.

It's tough for people to understand IBS. Most people I know call it a tummy-ache when I miss work. It makes me laugh sometimes, unless you experience IBS, you just don't get it. You may need to try explaining it in a different way to your parents - really include your feelings as well because it does have a mental component.

And it can be embarrassing, but realize you're a normal person and everyone has to use a toilet, everyone has gas sometimes. Anyone that laughs at your guts gurgling probably just doesn't understand - for the people you care about you can try and explain your sickness. Other people that laugh are just jerks and not worth your time.

As for the Imodium, it works for me for curing the diarrhea but it bloats me very badly. I found taking half of a pill worked for me - it might help you.

It might be good to try and write about your feelings/symptoms to explain yourself to your folks. Someone had written poems on here about IBS awhile back which were quite good. If I could draw better I'd love to do a short comic/graphic novel on what its like to have IBS from my point of view. Words never seem enough to make people understand.

Keep posting.


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