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Aloe Vera

Hi guys, so for a while now I've been suffering with ibs. It all started when I was going back to college not sure why or how but it ruined my life. I was finding things like just going to the shop round the corner hard. If I left the house I needed to know where every toilet was just incase. I've not long just have my little boy who is coming up to 4 weeks now. And whilst being pregnant my ibs seemed to have disappeared, but now since having him I've noticed that I'm yet again I'm suffering from it. I feel this is due to constantly worrying about him and anxiety kicking in. But even though he is only 4 weeks stress and finances have meant I've had to get back into work. And luckily for me it's with a company called Forever living which have products that all contain the gel part of aloe Vera which is as natural as it can get. But what I found since being with forever is the amount of comments we have had about our product which is known for helping people with Ibs. It doesn't just work over night but it does work.

The way in which it helps ibs is It has a great healing effect on all epithelial surfaces, which is any lining or surface in the body, like the skin and the bronchial tract. The largest of these of course is the lining of the gut, which is why it really seems to help IBS. There are so many comments about the product and how it's helped many people. If anyone is interested in the product or would like to know more please don't hesitate to ask! I will do my best to help everyone as I know how hard living with ibs is! Thank you!

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Sorry to hear your IBS has come back after the birth of your little boy, its funny how many ailments disappear during pregnancy but return again afterwards. I can't imagine what its like leaving him at only 4weeks to go back to work, bless you it must be awful...but you're not alone, money is so tight there is huge pressure for us women to get back to work😔 I agree with you about the Aloe Vera gel, my friend also is a Forever Living business owner and I tried the Aloe Vera drinking gel and it made a big difference to my IBS pain and general abdominal pain(which I had constantly day in day out). I would definitely recommend people give it a try and see if it helps them. Take care and enjoy xmas with your baby boy xx


Hi Congratulations on the birth of your baby, I would like to know more about this Aloe Vera, I take Colpamin, but if this is better would like to learn more.

Sorry yours has come back.


Ive had the gel before I was told anything about ibs, I didn't seem to have ibs then but within the last 6months it's worsened. Could you email me some more about the benefits of the gel please. Thanks X


Hi Chloe. Does this gel help people with IBSC? My main symptoms are pain and bloating. It ruins my life.


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