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I have been suffering from what I originally thought was a severe tummy bug. I have terrible pain in the right hand side of my back and lower stomach on the left near my hip. Within minutes of eating or drinking I find myself having to rush to the loo. I'm having hot sweats, a dull headache and feel exhausted. I'm constantly tired and have a horrible taste in my mouth. I have had bloods taken and last week had an ultra sound on my kidneys and a urine and stool sample. All of these came back clear. The Doctor has given me two different lot's of medication for IBS.

I'm worried sick.

I have an 8 year old son and my mind is working overtime. I keep thinking that it's cancer or something life threatening.

My Mum passed away 11 years ago with bowel related problems. The Doctor's said it was IBS for many year's. My Mum couldn't eat properly if at all for year's and eventually her bowel was so thin that it burst.

I'm sick with worry.

Why would this suddenly happen? I feel as though nobody is listening to me.

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Firstly,Mona Lisa,Stop worrying I know easy said than done,but worry and stress make it worse. I'm like you I go to the loo after every meal,and I've been like this for some time now. I don't have pain in my back but I do have pain constantly in my pelvic area.It gets more servere as the day goes by. Just a couple of things I can suggest you google, The vagus nerve,and the prudential nerve,see if any of these apply to you.

I say this because although I don't have back pain my Gastrologist thinks it may be due to a trapped nerve in the above areas. Just take a look.


Hi there I recommend garlic and parsley tablets x 2 daily and a probiotic daily. Food can ferment in our intestines and cause many issues. Worth a try for a month.



Firstly I'd suggest you ask for a colonoscopy to put your mind at rest a bit as anxiety can only be making things worse.

You say you have pain in your back, have you had an MRI to determine if you have spinal issues as these can cause a condition called neurogenic bowel which is what my GP thinks my bowel probs are down to? I'm waiting to see a neurosurgeon about this, but it's taken 4 years to make this much progress and in the meantime, I've learned to control my bowel symptoms by diet. Like many other people on here, I used the FODMAPs elimination diet to discover what my food triggers were and it worked wonders for me as it has for loads of other people.



get back to the GP with a note of what you want to say, a diary of events and tell him/her how worried you are

sounds silly but try not to worry - since I joined the forum and have found out how many other sufferers there are out there it has eased my stress and my symptoms


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