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trying to get it right

ever feel like you are always making a mistake in someones eyes and blame yourself for things you really should not give yourself a hard time over. IBS, fatigue....can get boring trying to keep yourself well. I don't go out much and work part time but feel guilty when people push me to go out or work harder or more hours. If I do I get ill. Then when I say hey I want to be normal and push myself and go out or go to an ex collegues funeral and get ill ....

Sometimes acceptance is tough I live alone and the isolation can be tough even with family and friend and collegue support

There is a support group local on a Sunday morning and will probably push myself to go one day, I have tried ringing IBS helpline to talk things through but found it busy.

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I completely understand how you feel. I constantly feel like i am letting my wife down. I try my best to go out and socialise as i know she loves to do that. But often i have to decline or leave early which i know must be frustrating for her. I currently work full time and find that all my energy is used up by friday afternoons and then my weekends are just used to recover, which isnt very fun. I think a support group would be a good help, you should definitely try it! I wonder if there is one near me, is there a website that i can check out?


yes that describes me pre diagnosis, the new me accepts my condition and tries to take care of me. I really cannot remember where I found out about the support group IBS network I think. Mostly the leader e mails me the dates and I e mail apologies.......hopefully one day.......


Do try hard and get to the support group, maybe you could just look in and say hi.

I really find this network is good - to read of others problems.

It would be nice to chat to someone who understands. I've only come across anyone one woman in my daily life who had my symptoms and that was over tea and biscuits after a sigmoidoscopy in hospital. I keep thinking at least one person has to rush to poo behind bushes! Wish I'd asked for her phone number.

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Hi brities I'm new to this site......just reading through the posts and come across yours..I think we are in the same area? I was wondering if you went to support group?

Lin61 x


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