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Symprove and an allergy to barley / Lactose intolerance and IBS

Hello I've had IBS for nearly 5 years now and have an allergy to barley and was diagnosed with lactose intolerance early this year. I still am suffering with IBS morning spasms mainly with wind and bloating, urgency, IBS-D ,incomplete emptying, feeling full all the time and feeling tired and lethargic and was thinking about trying symprove again.

I tried it a couple of years back but only took it for a month and didnt see any improvement but I was still having lactose at time so I dont know whether that was my cause of symprove not working or it was due to the fact that im allergic to barley. I have contacted symprove directly and they said to go to my doctors but i cant at the moment as im working all the time.

I am currently following the lowfodmap diet and gluten free diet. My question is do you think I should buy the 3 months and trial symprove again or does anyone know of anything else that I can try ?? as ive tried loads and at my wits end at the moment.

Thanks very much,

Take care,

Sam xx

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Hi Sam,

I've heard and read a lot of really good reports about kefir for IBS and all digestive problems lately.

Some people buy it in goats milk, but as you're lactose intolerant, you'd probably need to be looking at a water mix version (although many people who don't do lactose can manage goats milk without any problems). Kefir is supposed to be the best probiotic out there and is completely natural too.



Hi Rosie,

Thanks alot for your response its acutally one thing I never tried as I only thought kefir was milk based. So I will give it ago thanks very much :)!! Yes i've heard about goats milk but the slightest bit of lactose even tablet form affects me so ive been very hesitant to try it aside from being caught out once on holiday I havent touched it since i was diagnosed which was like 6 or 7 months ago.

Thanks again

Sam x



I just rang a friend who drinks water kefir daily and she said she buys the grains and 'brews' it herself - apparently it's easy to do and the grains are readily available. She also said that you should look at rhythmhealth.co.uk as they make and sell coconut water and fruit juice kefirs.

Hope this helps.

Rosie x


Hi rosie,

Ive never heard of that before, where does she buy the grains from? how long does it take to work?

Thanks very much will look into it and buy it.

Fingers crossed, thanks again.

Sam x


If you Google 'kefir grains' you'll get a lot of hits including Amazon.

I don't know how long it takes to work (if it's going to), I suppose it's different for everybody, but my guess is that you should give it at least 3 - 4 weeks trial.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

Rosie xx


Hi, I have no advice to offer about the products you mention, the feeling of

incomplete emptying it was that, that drew my attention. I had all

the syptoms you mention. Let this act as a warning Do Not Strain, I must

have done so without realising the damage that can be caused. I ended up

with rectal prolapse and eventually it was removed. My life was ruined or

life as I knew it and its taken me about 6 years to find a diet that works for

me and ways to counter any problems. To put it bluntly the rectum is the

holding tank, without it you have big problems, Im sure you will get the

picture. Good luck.


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