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Bloating/gastritis/inflamed colon lower part

Hello Kerry,

I read that you had spastic colon and bloating and have helpful information on how to help get it

under control. I have been very sick. I had a reaction to some supplements 5 months ago and I am still sick. I have seen GI doctor I am currently on a probiotic which has helped. I am not able to eat much. I am having stomach problems the bloating is so bad. I am on medication for the gastritis it has helped it was very bad in the beginning. Is it possible for you to please send any information that may help especially with diet? My colon spasms as well and I have bad pain that comes and goes. I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy and most recently gastric emptying study. I am in utter misery. Thank you for your help.

Christie Abrams

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I found medication of any kind just doesn't help I found by changing my diet, eliminating wheat, no alcohol at all as well as dairy helped me. I swapped dairy for soya milk and almond milk etc. just a natural diet without the processed wheat which I swapped for oats and I am just fine now. Please don't poison your system with drugs that in the end cause more issues long term.


Tarot1234, thank you for replying. I feel the same way about the drugs, however I burn so bad when I stop taking them I am not able to do anything. Before I was on the 60 mg Dexilant. I had to lay down and my husband had to bring me wet towels I put them on my neck, stomach, and back because I was burning so bad in all those places. I stopped taking it for one day and the next day I was burning again. I am not able to eat much I have cut out dairy, no processed foods. I do smoothies with spinach, banana, almond milk, blueberries, almond butter I cut out yogurt. By no means do I want to die, however I feel so horrible it is so hard to have to face another day in this pain. I am doing my best to remain positive and I am doing what the doctors tell me. I have seen a psychologist. My next step would be the University.


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