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hi asking a question, when you get bad stomach cramps and ended up with bad diarrhoea, do you get like pains afterwards like having a headache, fatigue, joint pains, etc?? as i keep having those a few times... i know that stressed, anxiety and depression caused the cramps?? i know for a fact it cant be related to food interolence but i know it does but i am really curious about it... it driving me nuts... appreciated your feedback.. thanks and hope you are all painfree..

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Diarrhoea can be exhausting and draining. The headache and aching is usually from dehydration. Try to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. I find sports drinks are good to keep your blood sugar levels up. Its also important to eat even though you may not want to and it seems to come out the other end. Not eating can make symptoms feel worse. Some people find certain foods are the triggers to their symptoms, for me personally I haven't been able to identify a food trigger and it seems to be more connected to stress and anxiety. I will be starting hypnotherapy next week to try to help with this.


thank you for your message and i always drink water at all times... sugar is bad for you... banana helps... sugar make it worse to be honest.

yes it is very exhausting and draining as i flipping hate it... in the end had to take Imodium instant as it make my bowel relax and myself... if i had it really bad but the bowel helps but not myself...

i would like to know what food trigger us so we know where we are aint it??but it worse with stress and anxiety... i have those all the time at the moment and cannot seem to snap out of it... that why i am always tired because of that...

hope you are pain free...


hi yes headaches , aching hips all too common with IBS D.lots of water .No artifical sweetners and very little chocolate.Its miserable i know. iv had a bad 5 days upto tuesday with it. think fish oil omega recommended by nutrionist was cause of severe D. nd stomach cramps. when not exhausted try waliking especailly around trees , flowers water think this all helps to calm bowel n inprove disposition.

get well soon



headaches i only get it sometimes depending on what happening after the bad cramps and D... i eat dark chocolate which is good... i try and stop having milk chocolate... i had straight 3 days before and it is a nightmare... i do try and walk around when i get the chance... you too get well soon as well.. thanks

oh i cannot take omega as it bad for my other condition which it is a nightmare not to use.. so i try normal fish without any toppings...



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