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27TH Feb Works Meeting

Had my meeting and i am doing a phased in return to work. My GP has done me a Med Note to cover me on my return. Work have referred me to a attendance meeting which i am not happy about. Still going to the toilet up to 5/6 times a day. My shift leader is not happy that i have to keep going to the toilet, at the moment i feel like giving up, am constantly worn out and no energy. Be glad when i see the consultant as GP has referred me back. Be glad when i get back to my old self fed up with this ongoing bowel problem

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Does your employer have their own occupational health department? If so, you could ask to see them so that they understand your condition and how you are managing things to actively improve things to aid your return to work. If not, you could ask your Manager to write to your GP.


Go onto the internet & put in bowel problem it should bring up the British bowel problem site, you should find a booklet done by promoCon on information for employers & it comes in under the disable act so they have to make reasonable adjustments for you. Stick to your guns if they are funny and ask for access to work to become involved good luck.


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