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After a year diagnosed with ibs


About a year ago I started suddenly feeling pain on the right side of my abdomen with dizziness/light headedness/brain fog, occasional acid reflux and alternating diarrhea and constipation. I've done all the tests. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, full blood, ultrasound, mrcp, CT scan and everything has been clear. Before anyone says it I drink enough water, don't eat wheat, gluten or dairy and cut out all sugars but still no luck, I used to be an avid bodybuilder but now any form of exercise sets off my light headedness.

I've been prescribed mebeverine hydrochloride but it's no help what so ever.

What else can I do?

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Do you suffer from low blood pressure as I have IBS and low blood pressure I get lightheaded etc if my blood sugars drop too low IBS can cause pain in either side or low down I also have the alternating IBS its a pain to cope with at times I drink camomile tea to relax the bowel and also fennel tea is good if your constipated great for getting shut of trapped wind too which can be very painful arrowroot biscuits help if you have the runs but don't over do them they do cause constipation all my tests came back negative but you still get a wide variety of pains that can't help but make you feel some things just not right I have systemic lupus an under active thyroid and IBS and I find IBS the hardest to live with also I find I can't do stomach exercises as it triggers off spasms in the bowel hope you find a solution to your problem soon

Does the pain come and go? And Vasari in intensity? If so you may have ICV syndrome which no tests will show. Have a look at this.

Rumelz in reply to Therapist1

It does come and go and varies in intensity but it's on the upper right side of the abdomen and as I understand icv dysfunction pain is from the lower right abdominal area?

Therapist1 in reply to Rumelz

The area ICV affects is the line from the top of your right hip to your umbilicus. Higher up could be your liver or gall bladder.


Could try hypnosis or self-hypnosis? I found a lot of my IBS symptoms worsened due to stress because of not knowing if you would reach the toilet on time etc. try for self-hypnosis cost around £69 for 4 CD's which you use for 100 days initially.

You could also try elimination diet Fodmaps to try to find out if you are sensitive to any particular type of food other than lActose and gluten

Hi! Rumelz

I have had all the tests too and I get pain from the RIF. Like Therapist1 its in the right position for pain to come from the ICV valve. Mebrevine does not help me either but I still take it in case the pain is worse without it. Exercise(like walking, skipping) does tend to help and the pain is normally relieved by a bowel movement or passing wind. Good Luck in your quest

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