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IBS or Crohn's disease

Hi, Ive had my IBS symptoms for just under 3 months now, these include swelling in all of my stomach and pain/irritation after eating. I have been on the FODMAPS diet for the last week and they have reduced the swelling problem but not solved it yet. I do not have any diarrhea or constipation.

In your opinions do i have IBS or crohns disease?

and what can i do to improve?

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I'd suggest the doctors surgery for you! Its all very well us making our suggestions but you need to know what it may be so you can treat it.



Itsounds as though you have self diagnosed which you cannot do. Please see your GP and ask for referral to gastroenterologist as you need several tests to rule out anything else before you can say it is IBS. If you are trying Fodmaps it takes at least 6 weeks before real benefits are realised. Good luck


Hi, I wonder if your problems are due to i.b.s? It is possible you don't have this but I think having only had problems for 3 months you're very early in having anything a miss. Crohn's is a severe difficulty, you must know all the symptoms before you guess what this is. Only scans and further information will tell you what you have, if anything!


Hi I agree with Sashapet, your GP or you cannot make a diagnosis just on guesswork. You need to see your GP and ask to see a Gastrologist ,who will then do tests to find out the problem,and they can only do this by eliminateing other bowel problems. I don't see the point in the FODMAP Diet which denies you foods that are good for you,if you don't know what's wrong with you. I had a friend who believed she had IBS for 2yrs I finally got her to get tested and it turned out she had Diverculitis, if she had got it sorted right away it may have only been IBS. So get it checked.


Ask your doctor or gastroenterologist to test if you have Chrohn's disease then you will know one way or the other. Best wishes.


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