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Pain straight after eating

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Just wondered if anyone gets pain soon after eating. I have had this recently starts top of abdo and then gets lower. Cant understand how it would start so soon as food would only be in stomach. Feel very bloated even after small sandwich. Seems I am learning more about ibs even after 30 years with it. Has got worse as I have gone thru menopause.

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Hi, I also get this from time to time! Sometimes it can go on for months another time I am symptom free!

I have no idea why this happens?



I had a similar problem -the pain would start even before I finished the burger! I've had good success following the FODMAP diet (for ibs). It starts with an "elimination" period where you refrain from the FODMAP trigger foods. You then re-introduce foods to see which are problematic for you. I realized that I had developed a sensitivity to wheat (among other things). Avoiding problem foods, and my upper GI and ibs are pain free.

I get this if I eat bread or things with yeast in them, also refined and sugary stuff doesn't help - I found detoxing then trying to eat more raw and chewing really well helped. When I slip off and eat junk I find colpermin helps with bloating and cramps - though I take double recommended dose

I've suffered with chronic bloating, a swollen abdomen & a sluggish bowel for 20 years and have finally found my triggers which are natural chemicals called salicylates in certain foods and also in products which are inhaled like perfumes / essential oils. If you'd like more information please let me know.

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new2IBS in reply to swishymichy

I would be interested in more information, if that would be okay?

It could be gluten intolerance or sensitivity. You may also be eating to fast or whilst In a stressful situation. I had the same issue and found that cutting out gluten (bread, pastry, pasta etc) and eating slowly helps greatly.

I posted this a while ago which has a few links. You could try the low fodmap diet first which I did. It helped a little but then I discovered this:-

Hi, just wondering if apple cider vinegar and lemon juices are okay on FODMAP diet?

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