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Scared there's more going on.


I am really worried that what is wrong with me is more than ibs. I have endometriosis and recently diagnosed adenomyosis however my bowels are just playing up too much.

I have an mri tomorrow for the adenomyosis but I am scared out of my mind that they will find something in my bowels. I have had for about a month now a pain near my coccyx and it get worse before a bowel movement. I am on omeprazole for bad indigestion also. Anyone else experience this pain with ibs? Do you think its stress which has made it worse?

Tia x

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Hi Tia, I have very similar pains and they definitely get worse with stress. And it sounds like you're under tremendous stress at the moment.

If you're anything like me (anxious!) you can't help thinking about the worst case scenario. My advice, try and relax between now and tomorrow's appointment. Perhaps a bath, some meditation (nice guided available on youtube. I recommend Jon Kabat-Zinn and Lori Granger. Or watch a favourite movie with a hot waterbottle or something?

Good luck with it all and hope everything works out for you



Thanks Elaine.

ive just been in floods of tears to my other half. I cannot function today and its all I can think about. Its the pain in my colon (behind pelvis) thats causing me to worry.

Thanks for the reply. X


you poor poor thing. Sounds a bit like the day I had yesterday, which is what brought me to this wonderful forum in the first place. Whatever is wrong, you're not alone.

Have you anyone around you today who can help comfort you or take your mind off it?

Also this is the time to take some pain killers, hug hot water bottles, drink tea and anything else that helps.

This will pass. And you're doing everything right. Your appointment is tomorrow and all the wheels are in motion then for diagnosis and recovery.

I really recommend this meditation, it helped me no end yesterday evening:

Or if that seems too much, this is only 3 mins:



Thanks again. My lovely other half is here doing just that. Hot water bottle and tea on its way. He doesn't know what to say bless him but his hugs are enough.

Thanks for the links I will take a look. Im concerned that my bowels will play up during the mri..they do whn im anxious! ! X


Hiya. I had radical excidion surgery in April for endo ( rectovaginal & bowel endo etc etc) but some bowel symptoms continued ( much less intense than pre surgery) so i got a referral to a colorectal surgeon. My colonoscopy was clear but i went on to have a proctogram and they found a rectocele and a intussusception so trust your instincts as you know your own body! Have you had your endo excised? If you have rectovaginal endo and/ or bowel endo it is likely to be the source of your pain. I am ?adeno too and i have seen alot of women with endo and/ or adeno complain of 'tailbone' coccyx pain. Hope you get some relief soon xx


Thanks for the reply. Can I ask if you dont mind. What were your bowel symptoms before your surgery?x


Hiya. Its different for each woman - many get diarrohea and many get constipation. Horrendous pain passing bm can often be as a result of bowel endo and / or rectovaginal endo and also adeno. Before my surgery i had complete bowel obstruction every period - unable to pass wind or bm at all. Horrific pain as a result only resolved by using supposities. Since my excision i am free from all the endo pain. I still have pain from my bowel when the intussusception is involved but it is nowhere near the pain i got with the endo. Hope this helps. Endo & adeno are awful but wgen the endo is excised properly by a specialist it should mean your pain resolves. Do you know whete your endo is located?


I have IBS but 3 years ago I also got diagnosed with spondolosis of the lower spine.. when we have a bowel movement the muscles in that are obviously get strained especially when we are constipated so yes very very often I have both I live with the spondolosis all the time and if I didn't have a pain in my lower coccyx I would wonder what happened ;) Hot water bottles etc all help and trying not to get constipated even slightly.. the MRI will show if you have this condition as it was what detected mine thankfully although painful like hell it is not serious many people have it :) Hope that helped x


Oh bless you. Its not easy but like you say its not serious. I can live with the pain once its not serious.had my scan and am waiting for the results.

Thanks for your reply x

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hope your results are as we have said please let us know :) XX


Hi pat9

I won't get the results until sometime next week. They didn't seem too fussed which I took as a positive! !

Also no contrast dye was needed. Trying to look at these both as positives until I get results next week sometime. X


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