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Reintroducing food after FODMAP

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I've had IBS-d since teens (40+ years) but that was complicated by radiation treatment to my pelvis, lower abdomen, etc. 10 years ago post gynecological cancer. On various RX & OTC meds with variable success. Am at the end of a FOSMAP trial (NOT the magic bullet i was hoping for) and am facing reintroducing foods. I would appreciate advice and anecdotes from others post- FODMAP.

Many thanks.

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I did the Low FODMAP diet earlier this year and felt great whilst on the elimination stage. Re-Introduced as recommended and could not identify any particular food as causing my IBS-D symptoms. Since then I have, touch wood, had no symptoms. So I am wondering if, just by eliminating hard to digest food, have re- educated my digestive system. I am now careful to chose Low FODMAP food if I'm out to eat and have kept on eating Gluten-free bread etc and it seems to be working. Thank goodness!

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Thank you for your kindness in responding. Your experience gives me hope that the information gathered during reentry can help manage this difficult condition, if only in part. Thank you again.

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After your successful reintroduction of fodmap foods, how did you go about eating "normally" again?

I'm doing low FODMAPs so I don't know how to do elimination phase, I just figure I will be on low FODMAPS rest of my life. I did discover I can eat one piece regular bread a day, some mac and cheese (1 cup no more) AND beans if well cooked Puerto Rican style with rice. BUT broccoli will KILL me and I love it. Raisins and cherries--I don't dare. etc. Continue to discover foods that set me off (IBS-C)

The Monash University Australia have a web site where you can buy a booklet for around $10. The book covers the reintroduction of classes of foods to find the ones you should avoid.

Google search for monash university + IBS and you will find the booklet.

With regards to the FODMAP diet ....Please also note that you can be intolerance of the protein in dairy and not just lactose, so avoid dairy and see if IBS - D improves. I also found that I can't tolerate fruit and veg (gives me IBS - C with pain). I can manage potatoes, carrots and french/green beans. This shows that you will need to play around with the diet as everyone is individual!

Good Luck J

Very good suggestions and info...many thanks.

Have you started re-introduction. I am on my first day today - as per Monash I have had mushrooms and will have dried apricots later (not my fav fruit but needs must!)

Yes, I have begun. My first week I began with stone fruits, so dried and then fresh apricots, and then when I tolerated those perfectly well, I also had a few cherries and a peach. This was, of course, separated by days, but I am happy with that beginning and have continued to eat modest to moderate amounts. While I know that the test for dairy is milk, that felt risky, so I tried regular (meaning not lactose-free) yogurt instead, which seemed OK, but I have not been willing to move further into dairy during the work week. Last night I added mushrooms, and thus far I am OK. I'm not sure if i am happy or sad that I am doing so well with reintroduction. You must remember that the FODMAP plan did not relieve my symptoms entirely, in part because some of my symptoms are related to radiation damage post cancer treatment. Anyway, good luck to you!

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As you said before ‘the Fodmap Diet doesn’t seem to be the magic bullet I was hoping for’. I have been suffering years, was given antibiotics after 3 years which made no difference. I was then told the solution was the fodmap diet. I did it for months and months and didn’t feel any better. After 7 months I got better but I cannot believe that was due to the fodmap diet. I continued mostly with this diet nevertheless got again very bad since 9 months, in spite of the Fodmap Diet. Therefore the question to you: is it really because of radiation damage or is the Fodmap diet maybe not the magical cure? ........The only thing I notice is that my guts are less bloated when I’m on Fodmap Diet but the pain is still there.

Update: Well, I think the mushrooms did not do so well, after all. In fact, they seemed to kick off a multi-day episode that is the worst one I've had in months, beginning shortly after my cheerful comment about how well I am doing with reintroduction post FODMAP. I think I may never want to see another mushroom again. I am grateful that I'm not working today, but I have a heavy schedule this week and I have no idea if I will be able to maintain it. Ah, well.

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