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Symptoms of ibs?

After reading up about ibs I'm positive that's part of my stomach issues...I currently take meds for acid reflux.. But after a while they stop working and my stomach flares up..I get pain in my upper stomach, around my back and serious stomach bloating... I've tried to tell my dr I think it's ibs and they just said try taking activia drinks twice a day...anyone else felt like this?

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Sounds like pretty normal IBS symptoms to me . Over time I have experienced all these symptoms either together or separately .i would suggest a food diary and elimination strategy to see if you can identify triggers .activa May or may not help so you could try it but no guarantee this will either help or make things worse .sounds like your GP is like many others ,ie in the dark where IBS is concerned

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Regardless of whether your doctor is prepared to diagnose you with IBS, your symptoms sound a lot like mine (I was diagnosed with IBS just under 3 years ago). I started the low FODMAP diet 5 weeks ago and have experienced major relief. It looks about 3-4 weeks before my symptoms started to consistently diminish but now I feel great! Not perfect (still some bloating, constipation and urgency on and off) but much, much improved. Look up on the FODMAP diet online and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! Good luck!


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