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York intolerance test could anyone tell me if they have done this and if it is worthwhile as I am a bit worried it may be a con

I've suffered IBS for at least 12yrs and I am becoming at the end of my tether asi suffer every waking hour.I also have other condition I'm battling with .But the IBS is really getting me down.Please let me know of anyone who has done the York Test .

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Yes I did but it was a big waste of money. Mine came back with milk and gluten intolerance which I could had done for free on the NHS. The chat with the Dr about my results was a joke. He was more interested in where I was going for my holiday! There is no acurate way of testing food intolerance via blood tests - only allergies, apart from lactose and for things like Coeliac disease. What are your symptoms? Have you had any tests? It's probably worth doing an elimination diet like Fodmap as 3/4 people with IBS have good results.


Recently saw my Gastroenterologist and requested lactose and fructose intolerance tests. He declined and advised they were not reliable, to many false results.Funny i had understood these tests wre a bit of a gold standard.


You can try food elimination for lactose and dairy by going on a strict dairy free diet for at least 2 weeks. A lot of table medication also contains lactose.

A lot of people use the FODmap diet and this seems to work well for them


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