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I have mainly ibs c but in the last two weeks I've woken up with diahorrea a few mornings ?


This can last for a few hours then by evening I get ibs c again. I have had occassional D in the past, but never as often as this. I have eaten a lot of biscuits lately, which is not my style, as I am very strict about my diet usually!! But even when I've not eaten tham, I get diahorrea. All this is really getting me down as I have accepted my iBS over the last 7 years and do all I can to be positive and work with food elimination (apart from the recent splurge!) Can it just change like this so fast?? Any help would be more than welcome. It is really upsetting me at the moment. Many thanks.

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Hi there sorry to read you are so unwell, can i ask are you on a gluten free diet? if so you need to be very strict about it, no slip ups, what about lactose intolerance? i have been out for dinner tonight and ate only meat and salad but before that had some rice crackers with flavouring on and i am now ill and will have diahorrea before the night is out.

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