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Does anyone have a violent reaction to chickpeas in particular?

I ended up in A&E 18 months ago with extreme IBS pain. Although I have suffered for 20 years on and off, I have never known pain like it. I had eaten chickpeas the day before, which have upset me a bit in the past but nothing like as badly. Since then, I have avoided them just in case they were the culprit - I stupidly ate them again last week and spent the whole night in total agony which has prompted a horrible IBS flare up.I don't have the same reaction to peas, beans, lentils etc - just the chickpeas it seems. Anyone else??

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Yep. Anything in that range does it to me. Been meaning to try re-introducing soon. Apparently if you soak them for I think it was 48 hours and keep changing the water it helps get rid of the pain causing stuff...or reduce it.


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